Monday, 26 August 2013

Meal Plan - W/C 26/8/13

Lunch:  picnic
Tea: Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon.

Lunch:  salad, new potatoes, ham, cheese
Tea: Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon (leftovers).

Lunch:  salad, new potatoes, ham, cheese
Tea: fried eggs on toast

Lunch:  tin spaghetti and sausages
Tea: leftover surprise (this is whatever frozen leftovers silver tray I pick out at random to defrost the night before)

Lunch:  salad, new potatoes, ham, cheese
Tea: Lasagna

Lunch:  leftover lasagna and salad
Tea: corned beef hash

Lunch:  leftover corned beef hash and salad
Tea: Roast Chicken.

well the week started off so well, however we went out on Friday and bought a proper toastie maker (as opposed to the George Foreman), so Ben wanted 'triangle sandwiches' for tea (and mummy fancied them too),  lasagna scrapped (mince frozen) I made ben and me a round of triangle toasties and Noah (who has gone on bread strike) pasta.

Saturday therefore became picnic in town as we went to the open air cinema and left over pasta for tea.

Sunday we went out again so lunch was (bad mummy) a pack of M&M's while out and crisps when we got home.   roast Chicken became chicken pie as I found some pastry lurking at the back of the freezer.

Next weeks shopping bill should be cheap tho as lots to eat up that didn't get used this week YAY.

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