Friday, 19 December 2014

Chickywiggle's Christmas guide to .......... essential TV viewing (part 1).

It's the 20th December tomorrow and do you know what that means???

OK, as it's Christmas I'll let you try again, .. here's another hint .... it's the last Saturday before Christmas.....

Got it??

YUP, It's Christmas TV guide day - the official day that the Double Christmas Guides Start and this year they run from the 20th December to the 2nd January.

Are you a circler or a highlighter???  when I was little we all had a different colour highlighter pen and went through the TV guide as soon as it arrived in the house marking out what it was we wanted to watch.... this year I couldn't find the highlighter pen so I had to draw rings around things.  It is most definitely not as easy to see what you have marked out so I shall be buying a new highlighter and amending it :)

In the first of a 2 parter, here is my Top 7 picks (1 a day) of what we shall be watching this holiday season, not including films (I'll cover them tomorrow).

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Do you have Faith In Nature?

My names Laura, and I'm a bath addict.  There I admit it, I hold my hands up. In the last year I've gone from buying the cheapest shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath to treating myself to lush bath bombs and body shop sugar scrubs.

Since the dreaded nits hit here a few months ago my hair was ruined. The lotion stripped it of everything good, there was no bounce, no shine and no life.  In fact I don't think it could have looked less greasy if I'd showered in vegetable oil.   I discovered argon oil and never looked back. Then faith in nature approached me.... where had I heard that name before?  I had a sense of coconut, and looking back through my posts realised I had used their gorgeous coconut shower gel and foam bath just a couple of months ago when it appeared in my goody bag from the Northern Bloggers Meet Up.

This time was to ask for my views on their extensive shampoo and conditioner range.  I was dubious, could I swap my argon oil for something else (especially at party season when it's all about the hair).  But after looking into it and discovering they did a chocolate range......well that's an offer I'd be mad to turn down!!  Then my husband told me I couldn't drink it :(.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Chickywiggles Christmas guide to...... Songs

One of the best bits about Christmas for me are the songs.  How can you not resist the urge to sing along to Frosty the Snowman as he bounds over the hills with a "Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump"?

Admit it, we have all screamed along with Kirsty McColl and the Pogues during "Fairytale of New York" it's probably the most unseasonal Christmas song but ohh soo festive all the same.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

This Christmas we will mostly be wearing.......

I love Christmas clothing, between Primark, Peacocks, Morrisons and TJ Huges me and the boys can get kitted out in long lasting clothes and at competitive prices.

Not including daddy, because he's a Grinch, me and the boys were all kitted out for Christmas jumper day, Christmas parties and of course the day itself.


I bought a jumper from Primark last year, a gorgeous green comfy sweatshirt.  So to save the pennies I'll be wearing it again this year.      **sob sob** the husband just tumble dried it and now it doesn't fit..... what's a girl to do so close to the big day??

Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas gift guide..... for kids

I have had so much fun Christmas shopping for the kids this year, however it was really hard to get something they wanted, needed and wasn't tat.  As much as I believe Christmas should be about getting presents they wouldn't normally get I don't believe in buying for the sake of buying. 

My mum, dad etc have been asking what they want....but what they want is very different to what they might get.
   For example give ben £20 and he'd probably want sweets and some bit of plastic that he'd play with for 2 days until he gets bored.

   I know both he and Noah would love a full set of teenage mutant ninja turtle figures and the shell raiser.  However I know that this would mean countless fighting, arguing and next month they'd want something else. With this setting you back the best part of £70 it's not something I'd consider a sensible present.  And while they are still at an age where I can have a say over their spending habits.....I will!