Tuesday, 21 October 2014

So then Santa said to me......

I know what you're thinking... Santa doesn't exist.... except I know a secret ..... he does and we've recently been talking about Christmas, after all it's his specialist conversation and I may be a teeny bit excited already... Ben taking after me has started going to bed listening to the Christmas CD.

He introduced me to a delightful website where he works hard with Mrs Claus to write lovely personalised letters for children in time for Christmas.

Tuneful Tuesday - Glasses - Chris jarvis

Like many mums when my boys were a bit smaller hours were sent watching Chris and Poi on Cbeebies.  Hmmm I thought, I recognise him .... surly after all this years it is not the Chris I remember from my childhood?  So ... like most people..... I turned to Wikipedia.

It was indeed THAT Chris Jarvis..... the one who in the early 1990s appeared on Children's BBC, presenting in The Broom Cupboard alongside ZoĆ« Ball and Josie d'Arby.  THE Chris Jarvis who presented Playdays. In 1997,   THE same Chris Jarvis who hosted Fully Booked with Tim Vincent and Gail Porter.

In 1997 Chris was part of The Friday Zone, which was broadcast on Friday afternoons on BBC One.  Alongside Debra Stephenson (Bad Girls/ Coronation Street), Peter Simon (Run the Risk/ Going Live), Dominic Wood (one half of Dick and Dom), Steve Rock and Emma Lee. As a spin-off to tgis show they released a single called "Glasses" to raise money for Comic Relief. Sadly, perhaps due to the fact it was up against the official song by the Spice Girls "Mama" not many people, other then me, bought it (it was cd's and tapes back then)

Did you buy or not??

Monday, 20 October 2014

Freshly harvested fruit and veg make the perfect accompaniment to any Sunday dinner.

It's really Autummy out there now, I don't know if you'd noticed, and Tesco are passionate about
bringing us seasonal flavours to enhance our meals.  Not only this but they like to ensure all their harvested fruit and vegetables is fresh and of the highest quality.  If you see the Red Tractor logo on their products you can be assured they are working with suppliers who have passed rigorous production standards to bring you the best possible food.  It's no secret where Red Tractor food comes from, you can trace it all back to the farm it originated on.

Confident of their products Tesco set some of their Orchard Club members a challenge, to use their freshly harvested products and let everyone know about them.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Party planning - the perils of RSVP

Ohh I am sooo angry.

Last year Ben had 10 friends to his party but (due to a communication error) I thought one mum hadn't RSVP'd, didn't after a reminder so he invited someone else ....... and we ended up with 11.

Every party this year had the same idea as me "text me to say you are coming".  I must admit, bad forgetful mum that I am I only replied a week before but mums were fine (after all they were catering for around 30).

This year Ben has invited 4 friends (twins and 2 others).  We hand-made and hand-wrote the invitations, as it's at our house I am sure there is no uncertainty we've not invited the whole class!
one mum hasn't RSVP'd (and it's the Saturday).  It's now far too late to invite someone else if she replies with no without that child's parents knowing they were a drop-out extra.   We have tried to catch her before and after school all week and seen her once but as soon as went to approach her she'd vanished.

I've tried to get her number from a couple of mums but none have it, besides they'd probably not pass it on.

It just makes me so cross when he's had to be selective that the parents can't even be bothered to let me know.

How do you manage party replies?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Party Supplies

Mummy...... can I have a party??

Those words every mummy/ daddy/ carer dreads hearing, and yet every year without fail (normally 6 months before their birthday) those words are uttered.  Depending on what sort of person you are you either go into a mad panic mode, or you book the tortuorous soft play party or, like me, you simply say "maybe, we'll discuss it nearer the time" (hoping they may have forgotton/ lowered their expectations) ........ until 2 months before their birthday when they again ask and you think "ohh pants, I guess I'd better get this party planning hat on then".

Last year I took the easy option, the fail safe option and booked a party at Pizza Hut for Ben and some friends.  Ouch that was an epic fail in itself.  From the 5year olds that "don't eat Pizza" (seriously!!) to the lack of planning and from the place itself..... but I won't go into that - you can read all about it here

A year was spent where most weekends we were at one party or another, it was so much fun (for the kids)... not quite as enjyable for the parents who had to endure soft play hell or the party hall of doom.... 30 screaming hyperactive kids ... no thank you.  
     Then you had the element of "who can outdo who"..... one had a bouncy castle ... so the next had a ball pool and a bouncy castle.  
      One did the party games all by themselves (very brave).... anther hired Elsa from Frozen to run the show for them.   
      There were facepainters, dj's, The Hulk, foam pies in faces, balloons.... balloons and oh did I mentin balloons?  
      There were the parents who provided a nice slow cooker curry (YUCK) for the parents while their kids ate semi-stale sandwiches and those whose family own the local Chinese (YUCK) takeaway and provided a complete buffet for the grown ups (while kids ate cold nuggets and smily faces) .... and then you have the parents who thought they were feeding the entire school and were probably eating cold party food for weeks to follow (my personal favourite -I think I ate my weight in strawberries at that one).

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 7: Guest Room (AKAcatch-up week for me)

Oh my gosh the weeks are going far to quickly (10 Sundays left).  It's Ben's birthday on Friday so I've been a little pre-occupied and my organised Friday was once again taken up with yet another trip to Meadowhell!

On the plus side while I was queuing in the Lego Shop for one of his presents the people in front let me have their points.... it wasn't like they were spending much .... only £150 (that's £15 in Lego points)!  Someone will be having a fantastic birthday/ Christmas I said... and they explained it was for a 28 year old :)  Just shows kids don't grow up they just get older.

Cbeebies Panto 2014: Peter Pan

Tag-lined:  Fab show, shame about the 'organisation'.

We loved the Panto last year, it was filmed in Sheffield where we live but sadly we didn't win the public ballot to get tickets, this year it was at The Lowry in Manchester so we applied again (alongside a few thousand other hopefuls).  Once again we didn't get tickets.  But having learnt last year of the "stand-by list" we went along in hope.

Far from the well organised 'gig' of last year this year both internal and external events at The Lowry were chaos.  I wish this post could be as positive as last years, and I wish the message could be as fantastic as the one I was giving out this year to encourage people to go .... but sadly..........