Friday, 27 November 2015

12 days of (Lush) Christmas

This year Lush have released their 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calender which looks amazing.  But I thought I'd create my own version of the song.......

On the twelfth day of Christmas Lush treated me to 12 Candy Mountains

Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Vintage Christmas Party for our Elderly in Sheffield

I stumbled across this lovely idea last week and contacted Sarah with an offer of help from me and my boys.  We'll be popping along to set up and support through the evening and the boys have a huge stack of cardboard ready to make some Christmas cards to take along.

Woking in the public, elderly, sector I come across those who are alone not just at Christmas but during the year. They love to talk and share their experiences, I can't contemplate how hard it must be to spend Christmas on your own with no family or friends.

If you are in Sheffield and free on the 13th December, please consider volunteering your time to help Sarah.

There are also limited spaces left for guests, so if you know of an elderly person who may be spending Christmas home alone who would like to attend please get in contact with Sarah,

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Recipe: MInce Meals

Gosh it is SOO cold.  My hands are going numb just typing this.  If you're anything like me money is getting tighter with Christmas presents, school events, Beaver events and work outings to pay for that the food shopping budget feels the cut.

I'm really lucky that the kids have discovered they like mince.  Normally I buy the stores value range but last month I found Aldi mince was better value and tasted so much nicer so whenever I'm near one of their stores I pop in and stock up.

Here's some cheap meals that can be rattled off using it that will keep everyone warm, full and the purse strings happy.  Do you have a favourite mince meal?

Shepherds/ Cottage pie.
Mince cooked up with any vegetable you like topped with mash potato.  We like to sprinkle with cheese before browning under the grill.

recipe here

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Big Beaver (Scouts) Postcard Swap

2016 sees Beaver (Scouts) 30th anniversary - 30 years of being recognised as an official Scouting unit, they have in reality been running a lot longer then that.

To celebrate the Scouting movement  is doing .... nothing.  So a group of leaders called the 1st Facebook Beaver Colony have arranged a postcard swap.  The leaders have, between them, messaged 30 other colony leaders within the group who they will send a postcard too, getting one back in return.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Body Shop at Christmas

Last week Sophie at The Body Shop in Meadowhall invited Sheffield Bloggers to a closed door event where we could try their newly launched make up range for Christmas as well as their everyday body products.

It was love at first sniff when I discovered their Glazed Apple range and even more excited when I found out the body mist and lotion had glitter in.