Friday, 22 May 2015

Lush: Brightside Bubble Bar

Do you remember Christmas when my hubby brought me some Lush treats but they'd accidentally been labelled up wrong?  Read about it here.  Well I have finally got around to trying Brightside out for myself and all the lovely stories I've heard about it were ohh so true.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tesco Orchard Review: Ice Cream - Pigs in Mud

For years I scoffed at Ben and Jerry's - seriously who pays that sort of money for ice cream I thought (can you tell I am a budgeting queen?) ....... then I tried some and my heart screamed out for more.

I don't eat a lot of ice cream and therefore when I do I treat myself to some 'posh' ice cream, unfortunately for me the kids also like it so I need to **shudders** share.   You can therefore imagine I was pretty chuffed when Tesco asked if I would like to try their ice cream range... and when I found they now did their own Limited Edition 'posh' ice cream "Pigs in Mud" why I bought us a tub.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Moving House: Books for kids

As I mentioned in my post about preparing children for a house move (here) one of the ways is to read stories with young children as a way to discuss their feelings and concerns.
My boys are HUGEEE Topsy and Tim fans so when we discovered "Topsy and Tim Move House" it was an instant addition to our collection.

Topsy and Tim: Move House (Ladybird)
Join Topsy and Tim as they prepare to move house with Mummy and Dad. In Topsy and Tim Move House, the twins are moving house but there is a lot of work to do. There are curtains to take down, toys to pack and pets to look after. It is an exciting time for Topsy and Tim, but Kitty, their cat, isn't quite so sure about the move...

But this got me thinking - what other books are there around?
Here's some of the ones we found - perhaps you have some other tried and tested suggestions?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Review: Marco's, Sheffield

I remember in March 2014 when I found out Sheffield was getting a Marco's, a family-friendly New York Italian restaurant by celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White.  Despite many many hints at my husband he didn't take the bait and over a year later I am still trying to persuade him to take me.  You see he's picky ... really picky - if there is a danger food may have any flavour to it you can be pretty confident it'll be too posh for him.  So when Marco's asked us to join them for their Share Sunday's launch I was like an over excited child (not least of all because I love roast dinners, especially one's I've not cooked myself), unfortunately for him he couldn't get time off work which meant more amazing food for me and the kids.

Marco's has taken the notion of sharing good food with friends and family from across the seas and bringing it to the UK.  They are combining great fine dining with bringing people together over a British favourite - the much loved Sunday roast.  It was a really great opportunity to talk to the kids.  Sunday Dinner at home is the only night in the week the 4 of us sit around a table.  Unfortunately this has the downside of being in the evening when daddy gets in from work so it's very much a rush job before bed.  We were in Marco's for approx an hour and a half, it was relaxed but not a slow service.

From the minute we entered I was a little concerned, although I have taken the boys to eat out many times this restaurant was something else and I was really worried about the kids getting bored and showing off.  Fortunately though Marco's was buzzing and there were plenty of children around enjoying sharing a Sunday platter with their families.   Despite a packed restaurant service was quick and pleasant leaving the boys very little time to debate their next course of mischief.  They were also given colouring pictures and pencils to keep them occupied and loved designing their own Pizzas.

Let me take you through their Sharing Platters from the beginning.......

Monday, 18 May 2015

Top Tip for Moving #4: Keep a note of things to remember

This is a great time from Big Yellow Self Storage.  Once all the memo boards have been packed up you may still need to make notes of things to remember.

Put some string through a roll of paper and hang on a hook.