Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 13: Dining Room

4 weeks left.... where has the time gone?  

This week has been a bit quieter on the Christmas front, mainly because I had an interview (didn't get the job.... pfft ... their loss - wasn't my dream job so not all that bothered.).  

Still got 2 pressies to get and about to get an Albelli voucher to make my grandparents their photobook.... that's this afternoons job so I can get it ordered.  I did make one in Photobox but it was expensive and rubbish compared to this type.  

We have at least decided on Morrisons for our Christmas crockery and I'm going to make sure it is packed away safely so it can come out year on year and become traditional.   (post to follow soon)

Tree is due to go up next weekend and at the moment I still cannot get in the cellar to get to any of the decorations and stuff so that's on the list for this week.  

I also really want to get the playroom finished so we can use it as storage over December. It still needs prepping, papering and painting. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Frozen Family Fun Day - 22nd November 2014

With something Frozen themed so close to home how can we not support it?  Me and the boys will be there ........... will you?

Local enterprise raises money for The Children's Hospital with Frozen family Fun Day

Saturday November 22nd sees Frozen Princess Elsa bringing an extra touch of sparkle to Wadsley as she offers her support to a grand afternoon of Frozen themed fun and games all raising money for the care of babies and children at Sheffield's Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and The Children's Hospital.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Sweets

It's so almost here..... 33 days!!!!  I don't know about you but from the day the tree goes up (next Saturday for us) the goodies come out.   And what a selection of goodies I've got in the house this year... so many in fact the treat box is overflowing and the lid no longer fits!!

I'll be showing you my choice of nibbles later on but this post is all about the sweets!  We love a good selection of sweets to nibble over December and nothing says Christmas more then .... Selection tubs.

These are generally priced around £5 at the moment (I'm sure I read  somewhere the RRP is £11!!) but the size is getting smaller every year.  They were around 1kg in weight in 2011 and now they are only about 700g (yet the same price on average).

But we still buy them :)  and this year we have 3.  None of us are fans of Roses or Quality Street (I only like Strawberry and Orange ones) so the first in this years selection is:

Monday, 17 November 2014

Tesco Finest* Spaghetti Carbonara - a review

We're rather a picky family, none of us like onions so we have to steer away from any ready meals as they always seem to contain them.  Tesco's finest* range is no different and when we were asked if we would like to try one of their chilled ready meals I was a little wary and almost said no.

I looked online and discovered their is a huge selection.....

The Lasagne sounded really nice with it's "rich ragu of tender beef and outdeeor bred pork, Italian tomatoes and white wine. Layered between fresh, hand ruffled pasta and finished with tangy Northern Italian Grana Padano cheese" but yup, take a look at the ingredients ....... onion.

Aberdeen Angus Cottage Pie, "Minced beef in a vegetable gravy topped with fresh King Edward mashed potato and a shredded potato & parsley crumb".... mouth watering. ... but .... onions.

I can't go wrong with Meatball Pasta tho... oh no, of course, they'll have onion in won't they.

But I did find 2 dishes without onion.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 12: Attic Storage

Eeekkk - it's only 5 weeks until Christmas.  I've had a very very productive morning sorting out all the Christmas stuff and making room for it all.   OK so I emptied the cr4p out the airing cupboard/ wardrobe (in my room) and threw it on the bed then put the Christmas things in santa sacks (see this post) and put them into the empty space.
As for the things that are on the bed, well I'm hoping the magic faries will find them a home if I leave them long enough .......... what do you mean they won't ........ bugger.

Whilst sorting through the Christmas stuff I made one bag pressies and one bag Christmas Eve hamper/ things I may need before Christmas (such as festive jumpers and t-shirts).  I also listed them all on an excel spreadsheet with cost and savings.

Christmas bags from ...... B&M Stores

I love the giant Santa Sack I got from Izabela Peters but now the boxes of pressies are overflowing and I'm running out of room to hide them, lets face it those supermarket bags aren't exactly discreat are they?

I can't bring myself to wrap them up yet... that's got to be saved for December with chocolates and vodka.  So i thought what better way to hide them then right under their noses, in Santa sacks in my room in full view .... with penelty of death if they even considered ratching through them.

Now the Izabela Peters one is currently full of the advent books (more on that in another post) and as gorgeous as it is the bank manager wouldn't let me buy another couple so I nipped into my local B&M Stores to see what they had.

I came out with these lovely slogan sacks.  They are larger then the other at (80cm x 50cm) and made of soft felt.   They also come with a plain drawstring.