Friday, 11 October 2013

The Great Food Challenge - the sequel. Meal Planning and ordering - week 1.

You may have followed my 2 adults, 2 children, 4 weeks.......£200 challenge last month.
Well as I only went £1 over I figured it's GOT to be worth another attempt.

The Ongoing post can be found on the tab at the top........

here's my Week 1 summary.... check back next weekend to see how I did......

This week I realised I hadn't taken advantage of Sainsbury's introductory offer of £15 off when you spend £60 with their online grocery service.  So instead of my usual Tesco shop (have been less then impressed with their customer service latly) I switched........

Once again I'm not allowed to meal plan for hubby (unless he is eating the same as us) but I have been able to sort out me and the boys.

SO - shopping is booked for tomorrow and using up freezer contents our meal plan will be:

Meal Plan

Breakfast - cereal, toast, cereal bar or fruit.
Lunch - sandwiches, crisps, fruit   or salad

Tea - me: Steak Pie and mash.
         kids: Turkey dinosaurs and mash

Tea - all: Roast Chicken, potatoes, veg   - toffee cheesecake for dessert

Tea - me: sausages and/ or bacon in crispy part-baked rolls
          kids: sausages or fish fingers and waffles

Tea - me: turkey burgers, salad, beans
         kids: chicken pops and chips

Tea - all: pasta bake

Tea - Ben's Birthday - Pizza Hut

Tea - Will be in Manchester so food out.

Food Shop

1 x Sainsbury's Low Calorie Instant Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 250g  £1.30
5 x Sainsbury's Orange Juice, Basics 1L  £3.25
2 x Sainsbury's Diet Lemonade, Basics 2L  £0.40
1 x CocaCola 12x330ml  £4.00
1 x Diet Coke 12x330ml  £4.00
1 x Sainsbury's Squash Double Concentrate, Orange, Basics 1.5L  £0.80
1 x Sainsbury's Apples, Family Bag x9 (minimum)  £1.85
1 x Sainsbury's British Fresh Semi Skimmed Milk, 4 Pints 2.27L  £1.29
1 x Sainsbury's Cooked Ham Wafer Thin, Basics 400g  £1.50
1 x Sainsbury's White Rolls, Basics x12 468g  £0.45
1 x Sainsbury's Fairtrade Basics Bananas x8  £1.15
2 x Sainsbury's Lighter Mature British Cheese 400g  £5.00
2 x Sainsbury's Butterlicious Light 500g  £2.00
1 x McCoy's Variety Crisps 6x30g  £1.00
1 x Sainsbury's Roast Potatoes 1kg  £1.00
1 x Sainsbury's Mashed Potato 800g  £1.00
1 x Sainsbury's Potato Waffles x 12 680g  £1.00
2 x Jacob's Oddities Salt & Vinegar, Multipack x5 125g  £2.00
1 x Sainsbury's Fairtrade Granulated Sugar 1kg  £0.89
1 x Sainsbury's Barn Eggs, Basics x18  £2.10
1 x Sainsbury's Sage & Onion Stuffing, Basics 85g  £0.15
1 x Sainsbury's Basics Toffee Swirl Cheesecake 460g  £1.00
1 x Sainsbury's Chocolate Chip Cereal Bars 6x25g, Basics 150g  £0.99
1 x Sainsbury's Cornflakes, Basics 500g  £0.31
1 x Sainsbury's British Chicken Whole Bird, Basics (approx 2.3kg)  £5.75
1 x Sainsbury's Biscuit Variety Pack, Basics 700g  £1.00
1 x Sainsbury's Instant Custard, Basics 385g  £0.17
1 x Sainsbury's Sliced Carrots In Water, Basics 300g  £0.20
1 x Sainsbury's Potatoes, Basics 540g  £0.19
1 x Sainsbury's Yorkshire Pudding, Basics x15 230g  £0.60
1 x Sainsbury's Bake at Home White Baguettes, Basics x2 300g  £0.45
1 x Sainsbury's Pasta Shapes, Basics 500g  £0.39
1 x Sainsbury's Sweetcorn In Water Salt & Sugar Added, Basics 198g  £0.25
2 x Heinz Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 415g  £1.20
1 x Dolmio Pasta Bake Tomato & Cheese 500g  £1.80
1 x Sainsbury's Southern Fried Chicken Steak 380g  £2.00
2 x Sainsbury's Spaghetti Rings & Pork Sausages 410g  £1.50
1 x Sainsbury's Cucumber, Whole  £0.65
1 x Sainsbury's Pea Shoots Baby Leaf 50g  £1.00
1 x Sainsbury's Lettuce, Round  £0.60
-£15.00  voucher
Total: £41.18

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