Friday, 18 October 2013

The Great Food Challenge the sequel - week 2

no specific meal plan is written as we are not only out and about most of the weekend but wanted to use up what was in the house and if I tried to write this down it would be depressing lol.

I did an online shop keeping as close to £40 as possible (becuase thats the minimum spend on my delivery saver.

Food Shop

5 x Orange Juice, value 1L 
1 x Tesco Everyday Value Penne 500G 
1 x Tesco Everyday Value Luncheon Meat 250G 
1 x Tesco Everyday Value Eggs Minimum Weight Box Of 15 
1 x Dolmio Pasta Bake Tomato & Cheese 500G 
1 x Tesco Pure Vegetable Oil 3L 
1 x Tesco Baker's Soft 6 Tasty White Finger Rolls
1 x Kingsfood/ Lancaster 8 Hot Dogs In Brine 400G 
1 x Tesco White Potatoes 2.5Kg 
1 x Dolmio Pasta Bake Carbonara 480G 
1 x Tesco Everyday Value Unsalted Butter 250G 
1 x Tesco Everyday Value 20 Sausages 1Kg 
1 x Miscellaneous Granulated Sugar 1Kg
1 x Tesco Whole Cucumber Each
1 x Birds Eye 4 Southern Fried Chicken 360G 
1 x Tesco Everyday Value Smoked Gammon Joint
1 x Tesco Everyday Value Round Lettuce 
4 x Tesco Lighter Mature Cheese 450G 
1 x Tesco Everyday Value Ham 364G 
1 x Tesco 10 Crazy Bears 500G 
1 x Miscellaneous Caster Sugar 500G

Meal Plan

Lunch in Manchester

Tea - all: Gammon and Mash

whatever we can find

whatever we can find

whatever we can find

whatever we can find

My daddy is coming up so he'll buy us tea.

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