Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lush T-Shirts

How many times have you been to a networking event and wished you had a custom designed T-shirt to advertise who you are?  Well it's almost as if Lush T-Shirts have read your mind.

When they approached me a couple of weeks ago about writing a post for them I headed over to find a 'me' t-shirt.  They have a huge selection of slogans and funny designs inspired by jokes, quotes, pop
culture and humour.  As a 90's girl the "Fun House" T-shirt brought back memories of schooldays (and a programme my own kids enjoy now).  Available in both red and yellow you can get some for all your friends - head to a Go-Kart track and re-run the fun.

Perhaps you are planning a night out for your friends big 30?  Then why not kit the party out in a 'made in the 80's T-shirt?'.

There 100% super soft quality cotton T-shirts are split into many categories, including funny, Geek, Retro, Pop Culture, TV, Film & Movies, Music and Festival as well as a few ranges that may cause offence to some people, you can also select from mens and womans t-shirt's however there are some that come as unisex  The website still needs a bit of work as it isn't easy to filter the womens, I found it quite tricky to do a good search as it's only mens that are shown in the side bar and even when you go into mens you sometimes get the womens t-shirts filtering through

The Geek range covers all things computer related from the current photographic trend of Selfies....

... to your basic 'Geek'.

The mens range has so much more

There is 'THAT' t-shirt for when you visit the parents (or grandparents in my case).

Is anyone geek enough to know what this one says?

This was one of my first computers .... was it yours?

I know if they did kids t-shirts this would be the one my boys would choose, they are computer game obsessed and even run around the house being Batman (or another superhero) and saying "argg you got me I am flashing on red" or "uh oh , only 2 lives left".

We all know who our true friends are when you can enter their house and your phone automatically picks up their wi-fi don't we?!

And for the ultimate Star Wars Geek..........

But the range that really caught my eye - Bloggers Shirts.  There are some great themed tops but the "ask me about my blog" was exactly what I'd been looking for.  After discussions with Lush T-Shirts they were able to personalise it with my own blog details on the back (top class service) and as readers of my blog if you would buy anything in this range and want your blog name/ address/ twitter handle on the back of a t-shirt they will do this free of charge.

How are Lush T-shirts able to offer this level of service and a great price (average £14.99 a t-shirt). Easy, their shirts are hand printed to your specifications, in the UK so you can choose any size and colour combination which is on offer!  This means they never sell out and have a fast delivery, generally 48h dispatch using first class post.  If you are outside the UK this isn't a problem they also accept international orders (note that dispatch times and costs vary).


Do you really want a design that's not available?  Perhaps you want a 'Part-time Blogger' or a 'Parent Blogger' t-shirt then get in touch with them, if they can make it happen they will.

Sizing was a big deal for me with this site. I am a size 10-12 which meant, with this being a fitted style t-shirt, which by their own admissions come up small, ordering a 'large' (eek, body image crisis). All ladies are available in 5 ladies sizes, Small (8) up to XXL (16-18) and up to 5 colours.  The mens, unisex and boyfriend style t-shirts all come up normal size,  are available in up to 10 colours in sizes small to XXL.  There is a size chart on their page to help with this.  The fit was pretty much perfect but does mean anyone over a 16-18 would have to ask for it on a different style of t-shirt.

Current Offers (as of 8/4/15)

  • Free UK delivery on all products when spending over £50

  • 4 for the price of 3 with coupon code “4for3”

  • Free blog customisation on the back of any blogging t-shirt.

  • Contacting Lush t-shirts

     Facebook  Twitter   e-mail Flurt

    Disclaimer:  I recieved a free t-shirt to be able to write this post.  All words are my own opinions.


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