Cross Stitch

This is the page to track all my stitchy goings on.
As I cannot post 'posts' here I will use this main page for my most recent update.  The previous update will be moved into a blog post on the homepage and linked to here for ease of use.

I've put London aside for a while and working on a lovely Christmas design "Let's Deck The Halls"....

I managed to finish this one.... just need to frame it before December.

am cracking on with London Underground but due to the previous counting mistakes/ aida sixe etc It's proving quite a challenge as I an having to amend the design to make it fit.

and a close up of the bit I am currently working on

Works in Progress (or my UFO'S)

Superhero Afghan

Previous Projects/ Posts
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updated  1.10.14


  1. I love the stitchy bits you have featured here. :)

    1. thanks, it's much in need of an update which I'm hoping to do this weekend.

  2. They are really cute! Did you design them yourself or follow a pattern? I'm finishing a cupcake design at the moment which I started about 3 years ago!

  3. thanks, the layout I'm working out myself but the people are Pixel Power ( designs. they have soo any cute and cool things.