Friday, 15 August 2014

Flashback Friday - Slap Bands/ bracelets

So today I got a reallly exciting parcel from RNLI, and... without giving too much away right now ... it took me back to the exciting fashion accessory of the late 80's/ early 90's .... Slap bands/ bracelets.

I remember the fun we had.... until they got banned... of taking these bands made of layered, flexible stainless steel bistable spring bands sealed within a fabric cover into school and hitting them against the forearm which caused the bands to spring back into a curve and wrap around the wrist, securing the bracelet to the wearer.  Once coiled you could easily straighten it out and start again.

I can't imagine why they were banned **whistles**

A quick search on google shows these are really making a comeback (tho today more plastic coated rather then fabric) and the boys thing they are the best thing since ... well whatever yesterdays best thing was.

Here's Ben to show you how it's done.....

Did you own a slap band/ bracelet?

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