Friday, 5 February 2016

Review: Storytime Magazine

30 years ago I remember sitting with my sister and mum and reading Storyteller Magazine,  Disappearing into a world of Gobbilino and My Naughty Little Sister and learning new rhymes and songs. When I was needed a change there were activities to do ........... Fast forward to 2016 and say hello to Storytime.

A small, independent publisher, Luma Works, had much the same views as me, magazines aimed at children nowadays are full of adverts and plastic toys.  I don't like them and my children don't like them!  They get bored within 2 minutes and abandon it in the corner of the room and lets face it most magazines nowadays cost more than a paperback book (I know which I'd rather spend my money on).    They remembered Storyteller fondly and thought it was high time the world had another story magazine for the new generation.

Storytime is about parents and children reading together, sharing great stories without an advert break.  YES - the only advert you will find in this 50 page magazine is how to subscribe for even more great issues.

I was excited when I heard about this magazine but I was worried .... what if it didn't live up to my childhood memories?  What if it was soo much better and tainted my memories?  What if my children didn't enjoy it as much as I used too?