So this is my page for keeping track of my books - which I have read, which I have not and which I just choose to keep on my shelf looking pretty lol.

How do you keep track of which books you have read? Do you have a good memory?

I only get time to read in the bath or on the way to work so I always have a 2 books on the go, just takes me a while to get through them lol.

My Bookshelf

CURRENT (Handbag) BOOK - Terry Pratchett - Unseen Academicals

CURRENT (bathroom) BOOK - Rae Earl - My mad fat diary. 

I decided to utilise this page slightly differently so to see what is currently on (and off) my bookshelf just click the bookshelf below.

The Chapter Book Challenge 2015

The aim of this challenge is to read at least 26 chapter books with my boys in 2015.  Although Noah is still only 3 and still likes his picture books so we won't be stopping them completly.

You can follow our progress by clicking the linky to the left.

updated 13.03.15

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