Saturday, 7 December 2013

£365 in 365 days..... the 2014 challenge

I started this challenge in 2010 over on Money Saving Expert, but every year a few months in something happens, be it an unexpected bill or a family holiday and the money has to be opened.

But 2014 - new house, new me..... I WILL achieve the £365 target.

The aim: to put in £1 in a day from 1st January 2014- empty it on 31st December 2014 and spend spend spend in January 2015 sales.

In the past people have preferred to start saving straight after Christmas (plus a bit) so they can empty early and get Christmas presents, hence the link up starts today.

The challenge has been attempted in many ways - feel free to take your pick or create your own:
Put £1/ £2/ £5/ £10 at intervals into a money box.
Transfer £1/ £2/ £5/ £10 at intervals into an online savings account.

You CAN include any extra money you wish as you go along.

You can choose to end earlier if you wish to use the money for Christmas.
You can link up with me by posting the badge on your site...... (I hope, sure someone will tell me if I've done it wrong... first time)

£365 in 365 days

Why not link up below and keep us updated with your progress?

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