Monday, 30 December 2013

And the award for worst shop to exit with a pushchair.............. Aldi

I've never really been bothered about Aldi but when a new one opened near me I decided to venture into store....... it will be my last time!!

The store is laid out nicely tho I would suggest their products are no cheaper then other stores own brands.  Nothing really took our fancy - and this is a mummy with 2 (very stressful) children who was trying to decide what to cook for Tea at 3pm a Sunday night.

So empty handed we went to leave.

There are 5 checkouts in this store.  3 were rammed with shoppers. The aisles between the tills are big enough for a trolley to fit down and I would guess a person could nip between the trolley and next till to get out.  However if you have a pushchair you have no chance!

The 4th till had one of those stretchy bands across it blocking anyones exit  and the final one had an (alarmed?) no entry barrier across it.  Of course the automatic entrance doors only opened from the outside!

We looked around to see if any staff had a helpful suggestion but .......... no .... as in there were no other staff around.
So while I stretched and lifted up the stretchy belt with one hand I pushed the buggy under with the other then had to try and duck under it myself (I'm sure I looked a right picture!!!).

So congratulations Aldi, we won't be returning, instead we'll go to the Iceland next door!!

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