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Review: The Rough Guide to The Lake District

It seems ages ago I was telling you all about my budget holiday, and I suppose it was - way back in February, what with moving house and work and blogging it has just flown.

This week I've got a few days off coming up and we've been trying to work out where to go and so I dug out my holiday stuff, guide books, maps things like that and remembered I'd not told you about a lovely book DK sent me in February.  I'd mentioned to them about going on holiday when they send me the fabulous Factivity books to review and they tucked some bonus treats into the box for me and the kids, among these was "The Rough Guide to The Lake District".

This book was so helpful both planning on holiday, as it is set out in a really easy to read format and covers all the popular touristy parts of the Lakes.

Part 1 - Introduction.

This section is the authors pick, With their suggestions of where and when to go depending on what it is you want to get out of the trip.

Part 2 - Basics

This really is the holiday in a nutshell.  It tells you how to get to the Lake District whether you
choose to travel by car, bus or train and how to get around once you get there.  This was great as, although I lived in Ambleside for 3 years I couldn't remember which bus companies to look up for timetables etc.    It also has essential travel information, it's not always raining!  where the hospitals or markets can be found and the frequency for local radio stations.

It details different types of accommodation, restaurants, pubs,  and some of the authors top choices for these alongside the price you can expect to pay on average.

The Lake District has many festivals, shows and events that happen annually, the rough timings of these are also in the books, with web sites if applicable so you can find out more.

Of course the Lakes is famed for its glorious walks and outdoor activities and the author has sections that cover this which again detail their top choices and the costs you can expect to pay.

Part 3 - The Guide.  

This is split into 7 sections for the popular tourist areas: Windermere, Grasmere and the central fells, Coniston Water, Hawkshead and the south, Keswick, Derwent Water and the north, The western fells and valleys, Ullswater and Out of the National Park.

This contains a lot of the information from the basic section but more detailed specifically for those areas - for example which bus you need from Ambleside to Winderemere, their frequency and (very importantly) which days/ seasons they run in.

It also gives you history of those areas and the buildings in them as well as town road maps.

Part 4 - Context

This gives you a wider history of the Lake District and its habitats, dating all the way back to its 'creation' 500 million years ago if you happen to be a rock on Skiddaw.

The author also suggests other books to read of you want to find out more or if you want to read a novel set in the area.

The Rough Guide series is now over 30 years old and like I said it was invaluable.  I would highly recommend picking up the one for wherever you are going, with them covering a multitude of locations from Norfolk and Suffolk, Devon and Cornwall or Wales to Madrid, Berlin and Marrakesh you are sure to find one that covers your next holiday destination.

If you've not got time to buy the one you need, or would rather pack an extra pair of shoes (or a coat if you are heading to the Lakes) they are also available as E-Books.

Price: The e-books retail for around £8.99 while the paperbacks are £12.99.

For additional information and other articles you could visit the website: 

Now......... if only I could work out where I want to GO on my next holiday................

Disclaimer:  I was sent this book by DK,  The opinions given are honest and all my own.   

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