Friday, 17 July 2015

Lush: July haul

This week I had a crisis.... I opened my box of lush products to find there were no bath bombs in it.  Sure there was a small amount of blue skies left,  and a small bit of something orangy but I wanted a nice fizzy poppy wizzy colourful bath.    There was only one thing for it,  I needed to go shopping.

So on Sunday me and the boys headed into town.   They had the best time as the assistant took them over to a bowl of water and let them make their own potion of different colour bath bombs.  She then entertained them with massage and shampoo bars while mummy shopped in peace (have you ever considered opening a creche? ).

And as for mummy,  my stash has been revived for another month with some lovely new products (well new to me) finding their way home to tell you about in the next few weeks.

The comforter


Big Blue

Fizzbanger (Ok this is an old favourite of mine)


I'm trying to persuade the husband I need a trip to London to the Oxford Street store but at £100+ for train tickets I don't think he's warming to the idea.  :(

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