Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tesco Orchard Review: Summer Fruit with a dipping chocolate sauce

At the Ideal Home Show I happened upon an impromptu 'cooking' demonstration on melting chocolate and it gave me a great, messy,  treat idea for the kids......


... combine that with the fact Ben has suddenly got a passion for cherries, don't ask me where it's come from but suddenly they are his newest obsession.   Every time we walk past the greengrocers he asks for them but they are really expensive and personally I don't like them  (which made him even happier when Tesco provided us with some vouchers to try theirs for free).  We also picked up some British strawberries with our vouchers. 


To make the chocolate sauce.

When I've made chocolate sauce in the past it has always been using just 1 type of chocolate (with the exception of Rocky Road).  I was quite surprised to learn that the best sauce is made from 2 x bars dark chocolate, and 1 each of white and milk. Another tip is never to use the expensive cooking chocolate.... value bars taste just as good.

Now I was a little disappointed that my new landlord wouldn't pay out for a convection hob (pfft - how unfair is that) so I had to use the good old boiling pan and glass bowl method.
  If you are lucky enough to have a convection hob you'll know you can do it directly into the pan!

If you don't know how to melt chocolate here's the idiot guide:

Bring a pan of water to the boil (don't overfill it but make sure it is full enough to reach your bowl).
Place a glass bowl on the top and break chocolate into it.
stir chocolate until melted.

To make it even better add a dash (ok a lot) of golden syrup and continue to stir.
To make it super creamy and silky ...... add some single cream

I didn't promise a healthy recipe did I!!

When it's all melted together and coats the back of a spoon remove from the heat.  Your chocolate will stay melted for a pretty long time, especially in this heat.

Prepare your fruit

Wash strawberries, cherries, raspberries, apple, banana (ok don't wash this!).
Cut into smaller segments if appropriate
Stick onto a cocktail stick.

We also had some marshmallows because dipping sauce isn't dipping sauce without marshmallows!

dip and eat.

You could also dip and leave to set for a slightly less messy snack.

Tip 1:  Keep a fork/ spoon on hand in case the fruit drops off (it will)
Tip 2:  Keep a bath nearby as small children and chocolate dipping sauce do not go well together
Tip 3:  Do not do eat this on a nice white carpet (see Tip 2).

The boys loved this treat.  They said the fruit was juicy and sweet and tasted great, they were really disappointed when we ran out.  So I had to put the chocolate sauce in the fridge and we went and bought some more so they could have fruit and chocolate sauce for desert the following day.

It was lovely to see the boys choosing to eat fruit and they do ask for it instead of crisps or chocolate a lot now it's a bit warmer.  I made Ben a sandwich the other day and he asked for strawberries with it instead of crisps (strange taste my child!).

Enjoy, please share your messy pictures with me on twitter @chickywiggle.

Disclaimer:  I was given money off vouchers enabling me to get the above product for less as part of the Orchard at Tesco Programme.  The thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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