Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moving..... another chapter in the saga of stress

Why do companies make moving soo hard??

I'm not asking the world?  I would like be able to be a successful full time working mum who does not have to phone a premium rate number (or a not-free phone from my mobile) to be able to cancel a service or to arrange another one.

Lets look at the journey so far (we'll take Blundering'dells out of the equation for a few minutes, I'll update on them shortly).

Sky (TV, phone, broadband)

Use our online Move application they say....."We know that moving can be stressful, so we have a dedicated Home Move team to help.   Simply fill in the online form and they will call within 36 hours to get everything moving........... except they don't!!!

A week later when you phone (not a quick call - will be posting them the phone bill when it arrives) to track the progress as you've had no communication you get told they did call - amazing, as the phone didn't ring and if you had called why not leave a voicemail??
   Given that when Sky desperately wanted to sell me something a few months ago they phoned once an hour every hour for a week I find it very hard to believe that with something this important they would only phone once before closing a case.

They ignore attempts to contact them via Twitter to get a progress update.

Progress update:  Move finally booked in, except now they can't install the Sky TV until the 3rd December over a week after we move in!!  I'll hazard a guess we'll be paying for the lack of TV for a week......

Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsbury's will allow you to create a new account online, they'll happily let you cancel online.... but ask them to stop a service at one house and start it at the next .... eeeekkk Nope they can't do that but I can phone their 0800 number (or 0330 from a mobile) to sort this out.
Their very helpful Twitter staff will arrange for them to call you and sort it out ... YAY.... but not the same day you request it.

Progress update:  eventually received a call from a team manager.... to be told that because new property has E-ON supplying they cannot take the service over for 6-8 weeks (i.e. around Christmas Day).   Have looked at E-ON and their fixed tariff is just as cheap if not cheaper at the moment so I will be cancelling and will stick with E-ON (for a year at least). 

Barclays Home Insurance

Will only let you cancel by ........ you guessed it ..... an 0800 number or by post.

Progress update:  will be posting them my cancellation, but in the meantime have cancelled my next direct debit - if that doesn't encourage THEM to call ME nothing will.

Post Office redirection

Easy Peasy, do it all online.  It would be helpful however if their confirmation letter states where the redelivery is going instead of "confidential" so you can check they have it correct.

I am hoping that ebay, paypal and HMRC will be easy to change..... but from previous experiencing it may be easier to send them a blood sample.


  1. oh gawd. That makes me feel sick! Poor you. We will have all this in March when we move. :0(

  2. I'm sure yours will be a piece of cake.,... if not make sure to buy lots :) Get the keys tomorrow (dreading it, hate Blunders!) and then moving everything on sunday as hubbys boss wouldn't give him the whole weekend off. We've also got the downside of being 200+ miles from parents so thankfully my friend is coming across to keep the kids occupied for me.