Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Elf Escapades - Growing Magic Trees

The boys loved this one.

They woke the other morning to find a message from Santa with some green seeds (4 apple tic tacs).  Ben thought he could see through Santa's trick telling me  seeds were 'mints'. This led to a lesson in why you never eat anything you find laying around as you don't know what it is (but I'll not go into that).

Anyway along with the seeds Santa had left some magic snow (which i had purchased from B&M). If you've never had magic snow before nip out now and get some. .... its okay I'll wait till you get back to carry on .....

Now put the snow in a pot and add some water. .. not too much. Upon realising it doesn't make as much snow as you expected make another batch ... and another. ..

Now too this snow plant the seeds.. Bury them deep or risk being asked every day why the seeds haven't vanished (p.s. magic seeds don't vanish).

The next morning when the kids woke up the trees had started to grow. .. ok so we know they are cocktail sticks. ....

Roll on to the next morning,  the trunks have started to bloom,  just by adding some jelly tots to the sticks.

But by day 3...  wow fully grown trees. And what fantastic tree's they are.  My magic trees were bought from poundland.

Should your trees have an unforeseen accident like mine did when I dropped one on the floor planting it,  then simply blame the elves.  Bad Hollyberry had to admit to having climbed it in the night and snapped it.   She did apologise and leave mummy money for a new one tho so that was ok.

Have you grown any magic trees this year? 

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