Friday, 13 March 2015

World Book Day 2015

After last years bad mum experience of World Book Day (see here) I was determined to be a better mum this year.

But what to send them as?  I draw the line at Superhero costumes - there may be books about them but that is not the reason the kids would be wearing them.  Same goes for princesses (equal opportunities and all!)... I don't do 'making' costumes as working full time combined with parenting and blogging doesn't leave any time to get the sewing machine off the shelf let alone consider making something.

So I did what every mummy in this situation would do (I went to Asda).   We get a lot of our outfits from there, do you remember Ben's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one he wore on his birthday?  (yup George at Asda).


As we looked through the huge amount available online I was getting concerned, Buzz Lightyear (nope), Pirate (possible, tho he already has one of those in the form of PJ's), superhero after superhero (nope),    Then I found the Very Hungry Caterpillar which, in my eyes, is a proper book and a real reflection of a world book day costume.... but only available up to age 3-4 :(   I soon came across many many other costumes that were proper book day costumes, the Cat in the Hat, The BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox, A Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz) - but no my boys didn't want any of them.    OK boys so what DO you want to be an exasperated mummy soon asked.

Ben (pointing to the website):  "A Knight".
Me: "A Knight? ........ name a book you have with a knight in"  (haha that'll stump him)
Ben: "Gobbolino.  In the chapter we read a couple of days ago the knights have to rescue the princess".

So a knight it was.

He loved this outfit, complete with foam sword, fabric helmet, trousers and top it looked fantastic.  Though came up really large so we had to swap it for a smaller size.

At £10 it looks long lasting and even survived the washing machine/ tumble dryer.

Noah also had plans of exactly who he wanted to be "Ron".   "Ron?" .... "Ron ... from Harry Potter".  And yes, Asda were able to assist with this one too as they delivered a Hogwarts cape, Griffindor scarf and wand (of course it's a Harry Potter set so also comes with black rimmed glasses).  A touch of yellow and red facepaint in the hair (and magic glitter on the face) and the transformation was complete.

This set (as I found out afterwards) should be hand washed and dried .... the transfer on the cape did not pass the tumble dryer test (it does state this in the washing instructions!)

This outfit is slightly more expensive at £12.50 but as you can see is very versatile.

The boys have had endless fun with these costumes and I'm really enjoying the role play that has come from them.  Far better then the constant fighting that superhero costumes bring out of them.

........... well maybe not ALL the fighting!

Must admit, I'm a little gutted my workplace didn't support World Book Day as George at Asda do some lovely mummy outfits too.  Alice in Wonderland or Little Red Riding Hood anyone?

Disclaimer:  The boys outfits were provided free of charge from George at Asda via Talented Talkers.  The thoughts and opinions are all my honest views.

Did you buy a light up Spiderman outfit from Asda?  It would appear they are dangerous and being recalled.  Please check out this post by from their site.

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