Friday, 7 February 2014

Flashback Friday - Granny's Garden

Granny's Garden

Did you go to school in the late 80's/ early 90's? 

Did your school own one of these?

A BBC Micro??

Then chances are you played Granny's Garden too.

Released by 4Mation in 1983, Granny's Garden was written by Mike Matson. Granny's Garden was first released for the BBC Micro, and then later ported to the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC Home computer. A few years later, an enhanced version of Granny's Garden was released for the PC and Mac, with a Windows 95 version also being released.
The game was set in the magical Kingdom of the Mountains, where six children, sons and daughters of the King and Queen have gone missing. Using a variety of logic puzzles, spelling games, and maths quizzes, Granny's Garden was instantly engaging.

One of the first screens you encountered was the The Magic Tree guessing game. You basically just had to pick a tree. There was no logic, there was no advice just guess. Get it wrong .... guess again.

It did have an educational stance to it tho, early introdcution to reading grid refernces, C2, B1 etc.

After visiting the Kingdom of the Mountains you are on your quest.  
The educational value of this bit - lots of reading and comprehension.

Now you can enter the Woodcutters House ..... but only if you can work out the secret password (hint: it's 'Fig').

Once inside you can start exploring.  do you want to take the stick or the apple?  
I wouldn't look inside the big pot if I were you .............. you just had to didn't you nosey!  Well i did warn you......

After many other problem solving games, involving throwing apples at snakes you eventually find your first child.

So what else is there to do in the game?

You could feed some dragons in The City of the Dragons . They like all sorts, chips, oranges, lollies and buns. A nice logic puzzles to ensure they all get the right food then you can carry on your way.

There was soo much else to do but Oddbloke says it sooo much better then me.  Why not check out their site to see what else you've long forgotten about.

Now can anyone help me??  I remember being in Year 5 (that's the year before last at primary) and after playing Granny's Garden we played a different game.  Same black background but this time is was set in what I seem to recall is wild west days.  It had a gypsy wagon and a long river.  I think you had to set up camps?  I've hunted and just cannot find it.  

What other games do you remember, leave me a comment to let me know.  You never know it may appear here later on in the year as a #flashbackfriday.

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