Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Winter Warming Recipe - Deconstructed Shepherds Pie

It's soo cold outside, we had snow this morning.  So as much as my post-Christmas body is crying out for salad and fruit my head is screaming junk food and fatty warm hearty meals.

After shopping in my local supermarket the other night I was drawn to some lamb mince.  So as part of the The Co-operative Electrical's competition for the chance to win  £750 worth of electrical goods here's tonight's very simple recipe for deconstructed shepherds pie..... ok mince, veg and mash.

I'll admit it, I am a little bit of a cheat, but I'm a full time working mum, there isn't time when I get in at 6 o'clock to make mash potato from scratch, especially when it is soo cheap to buy frozen.  I also don't 'do' quantities (as you'll know if you read my sweeter posts, such as Rocky Road) if I have it I throw it in.

The ingredient list below is by no means a definitive list - if you want to add brocci-trees (broccoli) feel free to do so, don't like carrots use swede.

Of course once you have made the mince dish you don't have to have mash potato with it, you can cook dumplings (again the frozen ones are quick and easy), or put a pie lid on it.   Alternatively have some Roast Potatoes and Yorkshire Puddings with it for Sunday dinner.

But here is MY recipe to give you a starting point.

What you will need:
lamb mince
gravy granules
boiling water
mint sauce
instant mash potato.

large, deep frying/ saute pan.
serving spoon
microwave jug/ bowl

How to do it:
1) Brown the mince
2) Add the sweetcorn, peas and carrots
3) Make some thick Gravy and add to the mince and vegetables.
4) Pour in a generous serving on mint sauce
5) Continue cooking until vegetables are warmed through.
6) Whilst the mince mixture is bubbling on the hob put your frozen mash into the microwave and cook as per instructions. Obviously if you are cooking your own mash you should boil the potatoes before the mince mixture is cooked.
7) Serve in a bowl in front of a roaring fire with a hot drink.

Please try out my favourite winter warmer recipe, if you have a favourite then share your links below so I can read yours.  

While you are relaxing on the sofa digesting this meal why not check out my pinterest board to see what's on my wish list of convenience products I would be considering to make my life easier, or just because I like it, if I was to win.

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