Monday, 23 February 2015

Our #budgetholiday ......... Grasmere

image from Wikimedia Commons
Grasmere is sooo cute, it is the prettiest little village with just a handful of gift shops, galleries and cafes and probably the most amazing gingerbread you've ever tasted.

It's just 4 miles from Ambleside and accessible by bus or car, Grasmere was made famous by William Wordsworth.  Dove Cottage, his home from 1799 to 1808 with his sister Dorothy, is now a tourist attraction and brings in crowds of tourists every day.  William and Dorothy's graves are also in the village alongside his wife, Mary, and children, Dora, Catherine and Thomas.

Behind the churchyard stands Sarah Nelson's Gingerbread Shop.  Gingerbread has been made here since the mid-nineteenth century.  I must admit I was a little surprised at how different this gingerbread is compared to shop bought gingerbread men (and the fact they don't sell them!).  It's much more soft and cakey and a lot less crunchy and biscutty.   Now owned by Sarah's third generation Joanne and Andrew Hunter the gingerbread continues to be made by the secret recipe Sarah formulated and was loved by everyone 160 years ago.

The shop is tiny, so unlike anything you will have ever been in before, you can just about fit a family of 4 into it and because of it's popularity you feel obliged to get in, get it and get out (I simply didn't have any time to try and get a photo to show you), it's hard to imagine it could every have been used as a village school.

If you can't make it all the way to Grasmere to sample this amazing recipe for yourself then fear not - they have an online shop.  Thought with postage at £5.95 it's worth buying it in bulk or treating
yourself to some of the other goodies like Gingerbread fudge (which Ben loved) or Rum Butter to enjoy.

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