Thursday 5 February 2015

Overheard on public transport, 5.2.15

Some Parents never fail to amaze me in their attitudes, never more so then when they contradict themselves. .. and this mum was no exception.  I won't repeat the conversation word for word as she must have repeated some phrases to her mate 10 times   I'm sure you'll get the idea tho.
She was retelling a scenario from a few days ago where her 9 year old daughter was playing music from her phone on the Tram.  She admitted that she agrees music should not be played in this way and headphones are appropriate, however they were only going one stop (so that makes it ok).

A lady stepped in and asked the girl to switch it off. So of course the mum agreed and told her daughter to do just that.  . . NO.... she told her daughter not too switch it off and proceeded to hurl, in her own words,  "lots of verbal swearing" at the lady. Asking who she thought she was telling her daughter what to do.
Seriously you couldn't make this up could you???
Apparently this stranger had no rights talking to a 9yr old and telling them what to do.  She told the woman she should have spoken to her and she could have made the decision. The lady quite rightly said "how do I know you're her mum?"   She then launched another verbal attack on her about how obvious it was.
Other people on the Tram then started intervening saying they agreed the girl should not have been playing the music loudly and the lady was in her rights to ask her to turn it off.  So the woman then started another load of verbal on everyone else.
Jeez this woman wound me up!!! What sort of an example was she setting to her child?  It's no wonder so many arrogant teenagers get the Tram and think they own it if they all have parents like this.

Worst of all. .... she was proud and bragging about her actions.  I would have been dying of embarrassment if I'd done that.

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