Wednesday 1 July 2015

Made in Sheffield: Panache (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my Made In Sheffield: Panache blog post, I hope you enjoyed part 1 looking at the history of Panache and it's ranges.  This part brings you the creative processes involved in bringing you a new season and what's next for Panache (except I appear to have misplaced my notes so this may be revisited when I find them).

The Creative Process

The season for Panache starts around 6 months ahead, so while you are wearing their AW15 range they have been busy getting ready for their SS15 launch in the next couple of weeks.  But before this even hits the shelves the team have already considered what to bring you in AW16 (and although I can't give anything away, it's very very pretty).

 The first thing the creative team have to do in considering a new range is to research the upcoming trends.  This involves lots of looking at Pinterest and Instagram as well as jetting off to lovely parts of the world for catwalk fashion shows.

Using the expectations from their customers of having good fitting lingerie and with this gleamed knowledge they create mood boards which are taken to a design meeting which Danny flies in to attend.  Ideas are discussed, colours challenged and eventually an agreement is reached on  what colours and styles will become the product line.  Out of the ranges chosen 80% are their tried and trusted shades and shapes.  

Design meeting 2 is the "half-cup" meeting.  You would not be alone in thinking "eh?  half-cups?"
this really does mean exactly what is says - half a bra/ brief/ swimsuit is made so they can see what the materials look like and check they haven't made any huge errors of judgement.  This saves time and money from creating full items.  



Finally the costings are signed off and the ideas are sent to the factories to create the full garments.  Soon after this 60 key market samples are ordered for each range which are sent to stockists and a sales conference held in the Sheffield offices to explain the concepts behind the collections with their features and benefits.


Photo shoots are done and with time to spare before the items hit the shelves the final batches are produced and the first team have already started working on the following seasons research.

So what's next?

Panache are really excited about their Modelled by Role Models campaign,.  They believe change in the world only happens through individuals leading, inspiring and influencing, these individuals are our 'role models'.   Panache have teamed up with world renowned model Marquita Pring, Sports Therapist Amy Hughes, British T34 Paralympic wheelchair racer Hannah Cockroft, Senior Nurse Rachel Elliott, British singer Mica Paris and blood and organ donation campaigner Martyna Kaczmarek who have all agreed to model their lingerie in a way that feels comfortable for them.    Each of these extraordinary women were chosen for their individual strengths, achievements and contributions to society as well as their healthy approach to body image. The Modelled by Role Model campaign aims to celebrate both the beauty of women's bodies as well as the wonder of their success, championing the next generation of female role models and hoping to inspire others.

They really want you to join in the conversation whether on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram and tell them who is #MyRoleModel ?

And of course continuing to bring the styles and fits we all love in great new colours and patterns to enjoy.

So how can you find out more....


Find your local stockist here.

You can also buy select ranges online at My Curves and Me.

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