Monday 29 June 2015

Review: The Good Bag Co

I first came across The Good Bag Co in February when we went to the Lakes on holiday as they have outlets in Grasmere and Keswick.  I also bumped into them at the Ideal Home Show in Manchester.

I loved the quirky slogans such as "Chocolate is Soooo Good" , "mums are good", "cakes are good" and with the festive season creeping up on us they have many Christmas variations which are fab.  Soo many bags that would suit me down to a 'T' -


Alan and Lesley began The Good Bag Co in 2006 after seeing so many plastic bags available and damaging the environment and wildlife.   They decided to create an alternative which would be practical and enjoyable to use.  With Wales already asking people to reuse bags and charging for carriers and England set to join them this is a really good idea.  A bag that has a slogan for every personality is a great idea.  They have even started making customised ones (I see a market for "Bloggers are Better".

Unfortunately Lesley passed away in 2013, but Alan is determined to carry on and  create bright new bags.

The Products

The bags are entirely environmentally friendly jute, which means that as well as not using plastic shopping bags, no pesticides are used either!

Bags - £5

The standard good bags are 31cm wide x 31cm high with 23cm sides which means its got a large flat square base.  It looks really small but is bigger than you think.

They're also lined inside, to make them water resistant, great in the British Summer Time or easily wipe clean if your water bottle leaks.

You can certainly fit plenty in it.

Lunch Bags - £4.50

These lovely little bags are 23xm x 21cm x 15cm.   Like the larger bags they are internally lined for water resistance.

Customer Service

Where I can when reviewing a product I like to see what the companies customer service is like, either by the way they chat in an email or by the way they interact on social media.
E-mail wise they couldn't be more friendly, however I was a little disappointed that The Good Bag Co didn't do any research on me and sent a "Granny's are Good" bag.  Knowing they are working with a few bloggers at the moment I assumed they must have packed up the wrong one but no :( they "just sent the one which was closest".  Understandably (call me a snob if you want) I didn't particularly want to hit the shops with the bag as it would have been met with stares and dirty looks in this part of town (a 33 year old grandmother with a 4 and 6 year old in tow - not that I am judging!).  I have therefore been unable to give it the weeks test drive I was hoping to do to to see how it hold up ferrying my work stuff around.  

Where can I buy a bag?

The bags can be bought online at, postage starts from £2.60.  

As well as online there are also shops in Chester, Grasmere, Keswick and Llandudno they will also be booking a stand at the Manchester Christmas Market.


The Verdict

The bag is well made and seems as if it will hold up to many shopping journeys or trips to work.  Next time I am passing one of their shops I'll be looking out for one more 'me', meanwhile I have a friend who has already snapped this one up.

I was sent a bag to review from The Good Bag Co.   The review is my honest opinion.

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