Saturday, 13 June 2015

Move Day is drawing closer.....

After what seems like years the contracts were eventually signed yesterday and we get the keys to the new house on Thursday.  Typically it's this week that I have no chance what so ever of getting time off work so will have to trust the men to move everything .... a very scary thought.  However I have boxed or bagged pretty much everything to within an inch of my life so it should be easy enough for them,  I've also saved a huge box for dumping any last minute bits in on Wednesday night (after I get back from my bloggers night out... great timing eh!).

It's amazing just how much stuff you can hide in Attic eves and toy boxes, seriously who would have thought we would have sooo much stuff - and that's before you start taking the furniture to pieces.

And of course in the last week...........
.......... the kids have got orange paint over the upstairs playroom carpet
........... the husband has melted candle wax into the bedroom carpet.
............. the oven has broken down
...............I can't sleep!
................The job I've been waiting to be advertised finally has been.

Candle Wax:
I tried the greaseproof paper and iron trick but it didn't seem to work that well.  Tomorrow I may have to give up and buy a hairdryer (I've either thrown or packed mine) and try it with kitchen roll.
Then scrub scrub scrub with stain remover.

Well the hubby has tried Vanish stain remover and some's come off but not all ....
Anyone got any great tips? White spirit?

Gas/ Electricity
As for the Gas/ Electricity situation I mentioned last time - well we're getting there.  I cannot wait to
be shot of E-ON and Spark Energy for good at the end of the week.  Have ended up sending an email to the CEO's of both now as I have had enough of going around in circles with them.

Oh did I mention the oven packed up last week?  When we moved in the landlord had it in our contracts that if the oven broke he wouldn't be replacing it (we'd have to at our cost) and there is no way we are buying one with a week to go when there is a built in one at the new house.  So I have had to throw away some of the freezer contents (thankfully we've been running it down).  Tomorrow will be a mismatch of whatever I can find in there and cook on the hob/ microwave/ George Foreman/ Air Fryer ready for defrosting it.

You really do take it for granted don't you?! I went to buy Noah a pizza for dinner as Ben was at a party then remembered I couldn't cook it.
Roll on Thursday ..... Pizza it will be ... takeaway of course!

Sleep is for wimps right?  Well that's good seeing as I can't.  Last night every time I closed my eyes they sprung open again.  My head was buzzing with a zillion and one things but I was too tired to do any of them.  And I just felt really "blurgh".

Back in the days before my secondment I was in a post that I had worked in since 2006.  Anyone who works in a team that long will have tried their hand to many posts and I was no different.  I had to know what the staff above me did to be able to do my role.  Have been waiting 9 years for that job to be advertised and finally it has been so I can apply for it.  Wish me luck ..... now I just need to find the time to write a great application form.

So onto my to-do list...............
1) Notify people of new address  - emails/ online/ letters
2) Get some blog posts scheduled ....... still so much I want to put in my moving mini-series before I start on the home improvement element.
3) Apply for job
4) MUST sort out dad's fathers day present/ card and get it ordered.

Oh and I may be becoming a little addicted to Criminal Case which is not helping my to-do list.


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