Monday, 1 June 2015

Moving House: Move Day

Even without any kids to bring into the equation there is still LOTS to do when moving house on Move Day.

Whether buying or renting this guide should help you prepare (even it everything else goes wrong...)

Make an essentials box/es

Yup I mentioned it in the kids post and I'll mention it again as it's the most essential element.

Pack a moving-day essentials box containing snacks, kettle, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, mugs and spoons.  Don't forget to add loo rolls, general-purpose cleaner and any medication you might need, it's always a good idea to add paracetamol/ ibuprofen too, just in case.

Make sure these boxes are either unpacked first or travel with you so they do not get lost.
If you are making more than one trip you may want to buy a cheap kettle to have one for each house. It can be very thirsty work!

If you are making sandwiches do these in advance, buy fruit and have bottles of water to hand, personally I find it easier to have a good cooked breakfast in the pub and snack during the day or have normal brekkie and pop to Greggs or Subway for a takeaway lunch.

Be Organised

If you’re using a removal firm for moving day, provide them with a floor plan of your new property so they know exactly which room to place the boxes and furniture in as they unload. If they are likely to get there before you consider giving them a key so they can make a start unloading.

Leave your landline phone connected throughout the day you move or keep your mobile fully charged and to hand.

Keep keys and important documents (such as deeds, tenancy agreement, ownership papers, passports, driving licences and birth certificates) with you at all times. Don’t pack them away or put them in the back of the van.

Stay in your old home until the very last item is packed and on the van.  Have one last check in every room and every cupboard to ensure everything has been loaded up.... Don't forget that clock next to the door you've been looking at all morning.

Take meter readings to send to your Gas/ Electric company to complete your account for that property.  Take dated photo's on case of a dispute!

Before you lock up for the last time check that gas, electricity and water supplies are switched off at the mains (although our rental tells us not to so do check) and windows and doors are fastened securely.

A great tip from "" is to empty your bathroom on the morning of the move,  Anything you don't want to accidentally be loaded onto the van can then be stored in here with the door shut.

Arriving at your new home

Make sure all the items, fixtures and fittings that were agreed to be included in the sale are correct. If anything is missing, contact your solicitor as soon as possible.  If renting give the inventory a close inspection (easier to do before the house is full of boxes if possible).  If you have any discrepancies be sure to take photographs to send back with it.

If you find any major faults with the property that were missed in the survey, alert your surveyor at the first opportunity.

Take meter readings and check that electricity, gas, water, heating, phone and intruder alarms (if applicable) work.

Check the van doesn't leave with anything in it.  It's so easy to prop the base of the bed against the side and forget to take it out or for the stand lamp to stay hidden in the dark back corner.

Sleeping Arrangements

Chances are by the time your friends or removal firm has left all you will want to do is get into bed.
Make sure bedding is packed in an easy to find box/ labelled black bag so you find this easily.   You could also keep some towels and shower gel/ bubble bath in with them so you can clean up at the end of the day.

Don't worry if you don't have the energy to make the bed up, just put the mattress in the front room put the TV on and have a sleep out.

Forget unpacking on the first night. Get a takeaway and a DVD - don't forget to set up the TV!

If you really can't face doing anything then go out for a meal and check into a hotel for the night with the added bonus that you can have a good cooked breakfast before tackling the mess in the morning.


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