Sunday, 31 May 2015

I'm still here......

Yes, despite my best attempts to move house I am now having to unpack boxes as I go along due to still not having a completion date,

As you will know moving out has been a contentious point for us.  Our new house contracts keep being delayed and we have made both our landlord and Blundells aware ever since our notice of tenancy ending came through that we would not be out by the date given.   All along they have said that's not a problem and, up until 3 weeks ago, we were told we'd be able to stay here as long as required (long story).  Come the week of the tenancy ending and they took back this word and expected us to move out.  Well like it or not they were not making 2 small children homeless so we went .... no where... and still remain in the property  and will do until the keys for the new place come through.  We have offered to pay the landlord rent (we have tried to keep this an amicable situation all along) but as we currently have no legal contract this is impossible.

With no clear completion date I am already feeling as disorganised as can be.  My "who to contact list" is impossible to do as how can I give someone my new address or re-arrange my utilities when the papers haven't been signed yet?

So you can imagine my surprise the other week to have a voicemail left from Yorkshire Water telling
me Spark Energy had called them on my behalf (a company I had never heard of) to tell them my
husband was moving out and could I confirm that I was too.  Either way they had stopped my account with them and could they have my forwarding address to send the refund too.

ERMMM - is someone winding me up????????

It would appear from a conversation with Spark Energy that Blundells (owned by Countywide) have given our personal details to themselves who have transferred all our gas and electricity to themselves - without our permission and without checking if we are actually moving out.  As if this wasn't bad enough they have proceeded to informed our local Council Tax department and Water supplier that we have moved out.

They believe they have acted completely above board with this and I quote in their own words "Our service is there to take the hassle out of moving house for tenants".  Yes they have taken all my hassle away by cancelling MY services without MY permission and without ME even being aware they were going to be doing it!  At no point have they asked ME if it is ok to tell my utility companies I am moving out and now when I do I am going to have a more hassle trying to explain why their systems show me as having moved out when I haven't.

OH and the best bit - apparently Spark Energy are unable to put me back to my original gas/ electricity supplier who I have a contract with that I have not cancelled (and am tied into so will be aiming to transfer to the new property) and to whom I am paying my direct debit every month.  Funnily enough E-on have not been in contact with me about this and I am unable to access my online account due to 'maintainance'!  Apparently it would "cause more hassle for you (me) if we (Spark Energy) were to revert your (mine) gas and electric to the previous supplier".

Coutrywide have of course, being the helpful company that they are, refused to comment or assist in this matter at all.  I am now in the process of going through my contract with a fine tooth comb to see where I have agreed to this breech of my personal information and where I have given them permission to interfere in my utilities.

I do have correspondence from Spark Energy who are trying to make amends, however they do not seem to realise the extent and stress their involvement has caused.

As a 30+ year old who has rented for the last 13 years I have dealt with many house moves I am more than capable of transferring my utilities and setting them up again at my new house.  I do not need the interference of a 3rd party to go behind my back and arrange this, especially using inaccurate information.  

.............. as if moving isn't stressful enough!!
One thing is for sure, I will never be using Countrywide again!

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