Friday 22 May 2015

Lush: Brightside Bubble Bar

Do you remember Christmas when my hubby brought me some Lush treats but they'd accidentally been labelled up wrong?  Read about it here.  Well I have finally got around to trying Brightside out for myself and all the lovely stories I've heard about it were ohh so true.

Just look at the colour for a start who doesn't want to jump into a orange bubble bath and wait for Summer to make an appearance?  And it really does turn the water and amazing shade of orange with no staining residue on the bath afterwards (bargain!)

Filled to the brim (can you say that about a bar??) with uplifting fragrances of Sicilian mandarin, bergamot (with additional cleansing powers) and tangerine essential oils (which help tone the skin) it really does help you look on the bright side of life! The way my life is at the moment I will take anything that helps me relax and this really does the job.  I can drift away into the silky soft bubbles and normally do.... in fact I normally end up falling asleep!!

The jazzy bright colours create an amazing bright orange bath water, and the citrus' fragrance stays on your skin and around the bathroom for ages.  (I kept sniffing my arms all evening to perk me up).

My skin also felt really soft and moisturised afterwards.

This is an essential item to add to your collection if you like orange .  I cut mine into 3 pieces which give a lovely amount of bubbles to a bath and could probably have got 4 out of it.  But I like a lot of bubbles.  If you aren't as bothered you can get a lot more uses from smaller pieces.

Cost:  £4.75 each

Disclaimer:  I have not been asked or sponsored to write this post.

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