Wednesday 13 May 2015

May: life update

EEKK moving day is getting closer..... well ok eviction day is getting closer and we are still waiting for confirmation the keys to the new house will be ready.

I'm now heading into panic mode as I have not organised any transfer of utilities or paperwork due to the above hanging uncertainties and no doubt we will be stuck with no virgin media for weeks and random gas/ electricity suppliers for a while,  due to having to arrange it at the last minute.

I KNEW this would happen - so much for my great organisational skills!  And the worst thing - I'm not in control and hubby doesn't care!

I'm really sorry to anyone I'm boring with talk of moving and packing and stressing, normal service will be resumed just as soon as it's stopped taking over my life.  I've a few reviews coming up for you over the next couple of weeks and really excited to be invited to Marco's restaurant in Sheffield on Sunday to sample their menu.  Marco Pierre White is right up there with blokes who scare me but I can't help looking up to and although he won't be there :( I have been told some fantastic thinks about his restaurant.  I've also been invited to The Ideal Home Show and having to work on my manager to give me the day off work.

In other news I went for a job interview yesterday, and I crumbled.  I literally forgot the simplest things and things I knew didn't edge their way to the front of my brain until I walked out the room.  They phoned me today to give 'feedback' but I missed the call...... now I have to wait until tomorrow to find out if this means I got the job or not.   I've decided that as much as I want it if I make myself believe I haven't got it than I won't be disappointed.   I know I won't have as much experience as a lot of people who will have gone for it and to be honest the fact I got an interview surprised me.

I tell you one thing tho all this stress is no good for me - all I want to do is snack and snack and snack.  However as we are running down the fridge/ freezer/ cupboards in preparation for the move we have bits and bobs of food everywhere and making a 'meal' out of anything is an achievement.  This is why last Sunday I asked hubby what he wanted for tea .... he said he didn't know so I jokingly said we'd have hot dogs, chips and beans ...................

   I wasn't kidding!!!

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