Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Big Beaver (Scouts) Postcard Swap

2016 sees Beaver (Scouts) 30th anniversary - 30 years of being recognised as an official Scouting unit, they have in reality been running a lot longer then that.

To celebrate the Scouting movement  is doing .... nothing.  So a group of leaders called the 1st Facebook Beaver Colony have arranged a postcard swap.  The leaders have, between them, messaged 30 other colony leaders within the group who they will send a postcard too, getting one back in return.

We're super excited, we have swaps arranged in the UK, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand and will be writing and posting them in January.

By sending and receiving these postcards it will help the children realise they are part of a much wider movement around the world.  By finding these places on the map and learning about other groups traditions, uniform, meetings it will tick off elements of their Navigtor and International badges.  The more postcards we get the more they can learn about the world they live in.

We'd love to say a big Thank You to Stress Free Printing who are helping us out by printing our postcards for us. I'd better get a start on creating them.

We'd love to extend our range tho so if you are in Germany, Spain, America, Italy, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden, South Africa ... or well.... anywhere outside UK/ Ireland to be quite honest we would really love it if you could pop us a postcard so we can find you on our map.    Even better if you are a figure that the children might know (e.g. from TV or Children's books).  I can be contacted through the link in the toolbar. I can't guarantee you a postcard in return (we've got a limited number) but if you are on Twitter or Facebook let me know and we can certainly give you a shout out there.
   Thank you.

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