Sunday, 5 October 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 6: Kids Rooms

Pfft just got back from Tesco.  Where they did, eventually have in the green Rowntree sweetie boxes ... back up to £5.   Needless to say we didn't buy any as when we looked you could fill it with an assortment of various jelly's for the same price (same quantity, if not more).  So instead I will be utilising a spare tub I have and in the next few weeks stocking up on various goodies to fill it.

What have I accomplished this week,....  I've made a start on the boys Christmas gifts.  I was frantically racking my brain to try and remember what it was they wanted.  I'd like to avoid more toys... then I remembered they were after Tablets.  Which I was quite happy with as it may mean I reclaim some TV and Ben would not be constantly asking for my laptop.   Annoyingly the really great deal I had seen is no more (typical) - I don't want to spend more than £50 so it's going to be one on offer, a 7" screen is fine.     I am reluctant to buy online as I bought one from amazon at the beginning of the year and it was faulty.... it was replaced (after a fuss) with another faulty one and I e eventually got my money back.
   I am now considering getting them 1 to share (and of course then mummy can borrow it when we go on holiday).  :)   So if you see any great offers please let me know.

So in the end on my shopping spree I picked up some bargain half price Lego from ToysRus on the grounds if I don't use it I will sell it to my dad for them.

I also got some t-shirts from Primark - TMNT ones of course.  I can't find them online so will post a pic later when I don't have 2 small eyes watching.

Stockings in this house wouldn't be completed without a toothbrush and toothpaste (it's a tradition from my childhood) so look what I found in Poundland....  (TMNT toothbrushes and toothpaste - sorry again pics later away from prying eyes).

But I've still not really made a dent in the to-do list!!   Lets see what Organized Christmas suggests I do this week..........  EUGH - Kids Room.

Shelves/ cupboards -  examine, toss/save/donate, replace onto shelves.  YUCK - my kids have a lot of Shelves, well rather shelving.  Fortunatly they don't have a lot on them.

Games/ Puzzles - sort them out and bin any with missing pieces.   We made a really good start on this the other day... defo a job for Friday when they are at school tho.

Get rid of old magazines, old McDonald toys, toys in pieces, broken crayons, non-functional pens. Again a fab start was made on this a couple of weekends ago but I need to do it when the boys aren't around to 'rescue' things.

Clothing - too small, old?   I tend to do sizes periodically and we rarly throw out as they can always be used as painting clothes.

Wash curtains - this is something we actually never ever do.  Going on the list.

 Wash bedding - given how small mine are Ben's goes in weekly and Noah at the moment is wetting himself all the time and goes through at least one change every other night GRR.

Check under the bed - Ben has a cabin bed but I must admit we tend to chuck stuff behind it.  Noah has a mid-sleep which again is used for a dumping ground (but at least most of this is in storage containers).  

Clean the windows,  dust any wooden furniture.  Clean the floors/ hoover.

Only 1 thing to add for holiday preparation this week - Check smoke detectors and clean them, change batteries if needed.   I must admit we are terrible for not doing this but it is SO important.

1) complete Christmas card list
2) sort out the front room - must shift/ sort out the Lego .... I started ... well ok I did 2 small models
3) make up the Christmas cards .... do I need any more?
4) decide on/ start the kids Christmas cards
5) get a couple of box of chocs and some snacks in ready.  - started
6) start meal planning
7) sort out the Christmas crockery/ table covers etc
8) Toys in the Argos sale.Unfortunately most of Argos stuff my boys like is now home delivery only and they let us down this way a couple of years ago not delivering a Christmas present then telling me lies and making it a horrible experience.
9) tidy/ sort my room - started
10) take a look at last years wooden advent calender. I'd like to do 'something' to it but at the moment I don't know what.  Perhaps I'll do 'it' over the Christmas season ready for next year.
11) Medicines
12) First Aid
13) Get new Christmas Towels
14) get rid of old toys/ books.
15) Start planning the Chrstmas gifts for boys. - started.
16) Look at what clothes are in Ben's 'bigger' box and what they are outgrowing.
17) check smoke detectors - hubby's job as I can't reach them easily.
18) Kids room tidy (see week 6)

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