Sunday, 12 October 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 7: Guest Room (AKAcatch-up week for me)

Oh my gosh the weeks are going far to quickly (10 Sundays left).  It's Ben's birthday on Friday so I've been a little pre-occupied and my organised Friday was once again taken up with yet another trip to Meadowhell!

On the plus side while I was queuing in the Lego Shop for one of his presents the people in front let me have their points.... it wasn't like they were spending much .... only £150 (that's £15 in Lego points)!  Someone will be having a fantastic birthday/ Christmas I said... and they explained it was for a 28 year old :)  Just shows kids don't grow up they just get older.

I cannot believe that checking the smoke detectors was on last weeks list as they certainly got tested this week.  Unfortunately my husband HADN'T checked them which could have resulted in a horrible horrible fate.  Wednesday at 5am I woke up to my toddler going downstairs... always worrying .... then the smell of smoke.  My stupid husband (on return from the pub) had decided to cook a Pizza.... and left the cardboard base on.... queue burning it.  I would hazard a guess he had also fallen asleep while cooking it but he won't admit to it.   Needless to say the smoke detectors  did not do their job and just made static'y noises.  Guess we'll be replacing those then.  So all wide awake and all the windows open we eventually crawled back into bed at 6am.  I hate to think what would have happened if Noah hadn't woken us up.......

Fortunately Week 7 on the Organzed Home  list is Guest Room.... which we don't have.  So it's a great chance for a catch up week.    Or not as the case may be, with a Birthday party next Saturday  I guess I'll have to make the house look a bit more presentable :)

Here's my 'To-Do' list....

1) complete Christmas card list
2) sort out the front room - must shift/ sort out the Lego .... I started ... well ok I did 2 small models
3) make up the Christmas cards .... do I need any more?
4) decide on/ start the kids Christmas cards
5) get a couple of box of chocs and some snacks in ready.  - now have 2 tubs and a few bags.  Moving to 'shopping list'
6) start meal planning
7) sort out the Christmas crockery/ table covers etc
8) Toys in the Argos sale.Unfortunately most of Argos stuff my boys like is now home delivery only and they let us down this way a couple of years ago not delivering a Christmas present then telling me lies and making it a horrible experience.
9) tidy/ sort my room - started
10) take a look at last years wooden advent calender. I'd like to do 'something' to it but at the moment I don't know what.  Perhaps I'll do 'it' over the Christmas season ready for next year.
11) Medicines  Moving to 'shopping list'
12) First Aid  Moving to 'shopping list'
13) Get new Christmas Towels  Moving to 'shopping list'
14) get rid of old toys/ books.   Now under number 18
15) Start planning the Christmas gifts for boys. - started.
16) Look at what clothes are in Ben's 'bigger' box and what they are outgrowing.   Now under number 18
17) check smoke detectors - hubby's job as I can't reach them easily.  Safe to say they don't work, hubby needs to fix them!!
18) Kids room tidy  (from week 6)
        Shelves/ cupboards -  examine, toss/save/donate, replace onto shelves
        Games/ Puzzles - sort them out and bin any with missing pieces.   
        Get rid of old magazines, old McDonald toys, toys in pieces, broken crayons, non-functional pens. 
        Clothing - too small, old?   
        Wash curtains
        Clean/ tidy under the bed   
        Clean the windows,  dust any wooden furniture.  
        Clean the floors/ hoover.

We are pretty prepared for Christmas present wise now... just a few bits to get....

Christmas shopping list

1) Kids - Tablet...each/ between them?  On the lookout for a good deal if anyone sees one.
2) Kids - Santa bath bombs (x3) from Lush - Christmas Eve Hamper and 1 each for stockings.
3) 2 x Olaf T-shirts (please Primark get them in in a larger size then 5yr)
4) some more jelly sweets
5) hubby's presents ... whatever they end up being
6) A waffle maker (on Grandad's behalf for the kids)
7) Lush - build your own snowman, for my niece.  (soo cool)

8) wrapping paper
9) Medicine stash
10) First Aid stash
11) New Christmas Towels

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