Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pink Parcel ... something to look forward to every month.

If you happen to be a man reading my blog then this post probably won't interest you, unless you
have a temperamental woman once a month who needs cheering up.

Have you guessed what Pink Parcel specialises in yet?........Yup making your 'monthlies' so much more bearable.

For just £9.95 a month not only will Pink Parcel send you the absorbency you require in tampons or a selection (sanitary towels were due to be  launched in September, but at the time of writing the website was not showing them).   You can even choose which brand you wish to be sent (Tampax, Lil-lets or U by Kotex) and when you need them delivering every month.

I know what you're thinking tho... I normally just pop to the supermarket across the road and grab a pack for a fraction of that cost..... well your supply is not all you get in your Pink Parcel.

 Every month they send lots of nice pick me up goodies too.

The box I got contained:
50ml of Palmers Olive Butter Formula
Warpaint Cosmetics Limited W7 Cover Stick(full size)
A lovely full size (12ml) pink Binky London nail polish
ROC sun protection lipstick with SPF50, vitamin E and water resistant (full size)
A sachet of Pukka Harmonise organic rose, sweet vanilla and chamomile tea.
and a 100g bar of Green and Black's organic Dark Chocolate.

And it all comes nicely packages too with a pouch to keep your tampons in when they are in your bag,

Where can I find out more?


Disclaimer:  I received a Pink Parcel from the Northern Bloggers Meet Up, whilst I was not asked to review you I felt it was definitely worth telling you about.  As always views and opinions remain my own.

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