Monday, 24 February 2014

Lets Talk ..... Chalk....

In particular Hair Chalk from The Body Shop.

Now I'm not a beauty blogger, far from it.  If you knew me 16 years ago you'd be surprised how times change.  16 years ago I was a beauty consultant working on the make up and perfume counters in a large chain store, I completed my training and, when I went to uni, moved to a smaller branch as their "expert" in this field.  I loved it, I ordered the make up, the stands were MY babies, I made sure they were tidy and full of testers.  I enjoyed the buzz of assisting customers select colours that matched their skin tones or advising men on February 13th of the nicest perfume for their partner.
I went to work everyday with a full face of make up (you had to) and owned pretty much every colour nail varnish you can imagine.

Then 5 years Ben was born and my make up case was consigned to live under the bed.  There wasn't time in the mornings to make up my face, I no longer had a social life so there was no need to 'tart myself up' for a night out.  I can count on one hand the amount of times my lashes have seen any mascara since 1998.
So last year, when we moved house, I figured it was time to bin the stash.  I treated myself to a lovely new mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and nail varnish and they eventually got their first outing on Saturday to the Midlands Blogger Meet.  I was glad they did as I felt severely underdressed for the occasion and at least resembled a human being with the confidence boost make up gives me.

Anyways I digress ..... the reason for this post all comes from the delightful Sophie and Autumn from The Body Shop who paid us a visit on Saturday with some of their products.... me and the boys were very taken in by the Hair Chalk and had to go home via The Body Shop to purchase one of each colour.

Falling for Blue and Tickle Me Pink

The Hair Chalks come in 2 amazing colours, a bright blue and a stunning pink, however if you blend them together you get a fabulous purple!  I was a bit concerned initially as anyone with dark hair will know if can be a nightmare to colour it (how often have I wished I was blonde!) but WOW the hair chalk produces the same amazing effects on any colour hair, and on any age!

please excuse the appalling, non-made up, selfie
It's soo easy to apply, you place the chalk on your hair, put a piece of tissue or a cotton wool pad on the other side (this guides it as well as meaning you don't cover your fingers).  You can go over and over the strands as many times as you want for a darker colour.

The colour does come out really easily, it's chalk rather than a dye, however for a longer hold it can be sealed with hairspray, and then washed out with shampoo.

With it washing out soo easily I have no concerns at all about putting it in the boys hair when they want it, like at the weekends, for parties and they already have plans for World Book Day.   The colour, although faded, was still visibly present the next day and wasn't over the pillow cases.

The hair chalks retail at a bargain £5 each, we can't wait to see what other colours they come out with.

You can buy it online or in store and you cannot ask for nicer staff than Body Shop staff.  They treated the boys like humans (something that is pretty rare).  The assistant commented on how nice their hair looked (with the chalk in), showed them where to find it, and gave them each their own bags with one in each to carry (so no fighting, every parents dream assistant).

A huge hit among us bloggers and our families at the meetup it had us reminiscing about those hair colour mascara wands you used to use as a teenage ..... can you still buy those??

SO I never thought I'd say it but ...... well done The Body Shop - you have brought out my inner beauty blogger!

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  1. Ha ha, love the bit about those colour mascaras. Probably still available in poundshops today!