Thursday 1 January 2015

300 Picture Book Challenge ...... the year is over.

Ermmm I'm not entirely sure what happened to November, for some reason I have not logged any books.  We did read I promise you but I have absolutely no idea What or How Many!!

So Lets pretend November didn't exist and fast forward to December.

December I introduced the Book Advent Calendar.  1 (or 2) books with a Christmas theme wrapped up and under the tree for the boys to find and read every day.

Here's the list.....

Mr Snow
Mr men  a white Christmas
Father Christmas
The best Christmas ever
The Christmas story
Christmas carol
Mr men Christmas carol
Grumpy badgers Christmas
The snow angel
Our Christmas Play
little penguin lost
Santa's letters
One magical Christmas
Thomas - snowy surprise
Thomas - snowy special
Mogs Christmas
A letter to Santa
I've seen Santa
Mr men 12 days of Christmas
Mr men meet father Christmas
The owl and the star
Topsy and tim meet father Christmas
Santa is coming to Sheffield
Is it Christmas yet?
The Night before Christmas
Mr men Night before Christmas

Then there were the lovely books I was sent to review (you can read about them here)
The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas
The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past
The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet

Then we found Flat Stanley's Christmas Adventure and started that (4 chapters so far)

There were many many many other books but I can't remember them all know.  We reallly caught up for a poor November.

So when I left October we were on 274/300 books.  That's 26 books left to read.
I make December's (counted) total  34

YAY we did it!!!!!

Thank you to Child-Led Chaos for the idea.  Off to see if you have an exciting new challenge for this year.

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