Monday, 19 January 2015

Toffee Cream Tart

We love old school type desserts and this week I had real cravings for Toffee Cream Tart ...... so I made one.

I am the worlds worst pastry chef so I kinda help myself along a bit and buy a pre-made pastry case.  If you are making your own then you'll need to find this part of the recipe as I've not included it.  These instructions are only for the Toffee Cream filling.


3 oz Plain Flour 
2 oz Sugar, Caster
4 oz Butter
4 oz Golden Syrup -
1/2 pint(s) Milk, Semi Skimmed 


1) Melt butter,  

2) add flour and mix. 

3) Add milk and heat the mixture till it thickens, stirring frequently.

4) Melt the sugar and syrup together and stir into the mixture (ok so I just tipped it all in togethert!)

5) Pour into the pastry case.

6) Leave to cool for a bit then put in the fridge to set.

7) Decorate.  I was going to use desicated coconut like in my school days but the family aren't keen so we've used sprinkles which are just as good.

NB:  I got an Asda sweet pastry case and it was a little bit too small (but doesn't have a size on so that' not really a lot of help is it!).

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