Thursday, 8 January 2015

what happens when Lush get their labelling wrong??

I was soo excited, hubby had bought me some Lush goodies for Christmas.  Still being a novice I don't know their products inside out and, like I assume you would, follow the instructions on the packets when using.

So tonight, after a hectic day at work and needing to relax, I got one out of it's packet.  The instructions told me to "crumble half a bar under a running tap to enjoy a mountain of uplifting bubbles"  (it also told me it was orange and zesty but my brain didn't link that the product I had in my hand was not orangy).

So I crumbled ........... ok no I didn't crumble I broke into chunks because it wouldn't.  Some swirling and coaxing later they had dissolved but my hands felt horrible, like I'd been cleaning the fryer.  Did I have luscious bubbles to soak my troubles away in?  No, what remained was a lovely smell.... but an oil slick.

Oil's good for you right?  it makes your skin smooth and lush, perhaps this is how the models get gorgeous skin?  After all this is Lush, they'd not sell something bad for you or horrible would they? I've had so many gorgeous products from there in the past, 2 minutes in the bath and I was out and in the shower trying to de-grease myself.

Through the power of social media one kind twitter follower advised me they found the product really oily too ...... but that's because it is a massage bar.  Apparently it is "warming and stimulating" massage bar called Hottie.... and almost certainly not designed to have a soak in.

Such a pity as Brightside (that it had been labelled up as) looks amazing and probably acts far better in a bath.

My skin still feels greasy ... but it smells yummy so I guess that's ok.  Human error happens and had I not been shattered I may have noticed it wasn't the product listed on the label.  Thanks for enlightening me to the world outside bath bombs Lush.

Morning update:  Just scrubbed the bath trying to remove a wax that I can only describe being as if someone dripped a candle all the way around.  fun!

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