Sunday 22 November 2015

Recipe: MInce Meals

Gosh it is SOO cold.  My hands are going numb just typing this.  If you're anything like me money is getting tighter with Christmas presents, school events, Beaver events and work outings to pay for that the food shopping budget feels the cut.

I'm really lucky that the kids have discovered they like mince.  Normally I buy the stores value range but last month I found Aldi mince was better value and tasted so much nicer so whenever I'm near one of their stores I pop in and stock up.

Here's some cheap meals that can be rattled off using it that will keep everyone warm, full and the purse strings happy.  Do you have a favourite mince meal?

Shepherds/ Cottage pie.
Mince cooked up with any vegetable you like topped with mash potato.  We like to sprinkle with cheese before browning under the grill.

recipe here

Mince and Dumplings
I've not had these for ages.  I'll admit I don't make my own dumplings, Aunt Bessie does a far better job.

recipe here  

Home-made burgers
Hide a bit of cheese inside for a surprise centre

recipe here

I love making it in the slow cooker, so easy and tastes great.

recipe here.

Minced Beef Pie.
My mum makes the best minced beef pie, it's even better cold to take on picnics.

recipe here

Spaghetti and Meatballs
The boys love to help roll the meatballs.

recipe here

Turkey Twizzlers
That childhood favourite, we had loads of fun re-creating these.

recipe here

Spaghetti bolognaise
Another favourite in our house

recipe here 

Mince and chips
Because we may have run out of pasta one day....

recipe here

Mince 'n' Taco's
Put mince in taco shells - do you really need a recipe?


  1. Mince is so versatile isn't it....We love it here.
    I am now fancying Spaghetti and Meatballs....hehehe

    1. it really is. I wanted Lasagne this week but my asda was completely out of lasagne sheets :(