Friday, 20 September 2013

Blog a day - 19th September 2013 - talk like a pirate day

Day 19 - Talk like a pirate day

Seriously - it reallllly does exist,  tomorrow IS Talk Like a Pirate Day.
check it out here and blog to show how you have celebrated it.

........... did you know you can even set facebook to Pirate?  


Yes I admit it - I did have my facebook on Pirate UK for a few hours lol.
Apart from that tho we didn't manage to do any Pirate craft as we went to the pub for tea :)  (review to follow).

So not a lot to talk about here really, the kids loved Pirate evening on holiday though at the Park Resorts - Cayton Bay - Club.   Here's some pics....... Noah was a bit tooo fierce tho with his sword and broke the poor entertainers sword lol.


A sneak preview of Day 20- Share a recipe

ermmm - do I need to explain this one???

Savoury or sweet - which recipe can be guaranteed success in your house?

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