Sunday, 15 September 2013

Enjoy Cross Stitch at Christmas ............ My Review

Continuing a habit I got into on the MSE Cross Stitch Cafe here's my review of what I think.
Please note that I got this magazine from a UK stockist so free gifts/ charts may differ from those in the shop/ overseas subscribers

**apologies for the picture quality - my camera battery went and I had to make do with my phone**

Free Gifts

3 festive ribbons
Red with white dots, green with white dots and blue.  Always useful.

6 aperture cards and envelopes
red, blue and green, again a nice quality and useful.

13 'high-quality' threads
URGH why oh why can they do not a deal with anchor/ DMC. I hate these threads they feel cheep and nasty.

3 felt frames
red circle, blue heart, green bird.  cute and I am sure I can use them for something........ possibly...... maybe........

4 buttons
ok, buttons, small and cute.

11"x11" (28cmx28cm) White Aida + Needle
Quite thick robust aida and nice needle

Merry Snowmen chart
I like this sampler, very detailed.  However like many other samplers of this size I'll not be able to display it and no one to give it to so would be a shame to stitch and hide it.

Main Magazine

Lesley Teare designs
A selection of lovely designs for use in the cards or frames.  I will probably use some of these.

Forever Friends - Cuddles for you
This is  a very cute Forever Friends sampler but unfortunately they are not my thing.

A Cosy Christmas
I LOVE this idea,  It is a sampler for "have yourself a homespun Christmas" that is made into a cushion. 
The idea of homespun Christmas is scissors, needle and bobbins with a Christmas theme.

I LOVE this and it's definitely on my to-do list.

Quick cards
40 small card designs by Lucie Heaton.  Lucie is (if you read my last review) one of my favourite designers and these are no exception......... if you like Robins.

From cartoon robins to very cute 'normal' robins Lucie defiantly has them covered and I am sure one or two will make it onto cards.

Rustic Christmas greetings
Patchwork inspired Christmas card designs.  I'm split with these.  I love the stocking and presents but not keen on the rest.

Festive tree treats
I keep looking at these and wondering if I like them or not, at the moment I am on 'not'.  but I can see the attraction and would love someone to make them up so I can see what they really look like.

Arctic Cuties
uh oh....... Lucie Heaton again so it will come as no surprise that I LOVE these.  red and white candy striped lettering with Eskimos, Santa, polar bear, reindeer and penguins.   May do my littlies their names each.

Stitch in the round
snow globe Christmas card designs.
These are nice, but I probably wouldn't stitch them as I'm not a big fan of stitching backgrounds on pictures.

Countdown to Christmas
I LOVE this advent calendar design.  Santa being pulled through the sky by reindeer with separate numbers which hook over buttons so you can change the days as Christmas approaches.
I am going to order the aida/ threads for this one - but will look out for some more festive buttons then those shown.

'Tis the Season
lots more pictures to use a small motifs on cards or gift tags.

Quite a few here I might use such as the gingerbread men and stocking with fairy lights around it.


  1. Some cute buttons here -