Friday, 6 December 2013

Make Christmas Magic.... Portable North Pole (PNP)

Another December in our house means another trip to the Portable North Pole.

We LOVE PNP in this house.

Every year I log into the PNP and ask Santa to send the boys a message.

There are 3 option to choose from; naughty, nice or naughty/ nice. I always opt for the middle one (Santa
isn't mean he simply tells them to try harder).... then log in again a few days before Christmas and make them a nice one.

This year I was invited to make a premium video and I must say now I have I will be choosing this option every year (it's only £2.99 and 5% of that goes to childrens hospitals).

So what's included in the PNP Premium video 2013 include:

  • A completely new video twice as long (6 minutes)
  • Unique video clips (not included in the standard version)
  • A large variety of scenarios - for example choose where do you want Santa to be at the beginning.
  • Add up to 5 personal pictures in the video which the story is centered around.
  • Select 4 friends whose books will appear on the shelf alongside your childs.
  • Unlimited online views during the Christmas holidays
  • Plus, a personalised bonus video sent from Santa’s sleigh for Christmas Eve 
There is also the option for Santa to send a birthday message, although I am unsure how this will be accessable after PNP closes down for the year, you may have to purchase the download.

If you have no children to buy for, don't worry - he offers videos for the grown ups too :)

Here's a free one I made just for you - don't forget the premium one has lots more options and is 6 minutes long.

Until the 1st January my blog readers can enjoy 20% off digital products (including premium video upgrade) in the PNP store by using the code:  BLG20BKP

While you are at the PNP why don't you look in the shop, there is a range of items to choose from including:
  • letters
  • certificates
  • colouring books
  • and placemats

You could even arrange for Santa to give your child a telephone call.

While you can purchase the video messages on mobile devices, you will need either : the PNP mobile application to edit or view your message on a mobile device (not yet available) or a desktop or laptop computer with Adobe Flash to personalise and view the online version of the message.

So make Christmas magic this year 
Create a video from the Portable North Pole.

disclaimer:  I was sent a free upgrade code for PNP however all views and opinions are my own.

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