Friday, 27 December 2013

Ranty Friday - the price of theatre tickets

After having cbeebies Panto on every day (at least once a day) since the 20th December I thought it would be nice to take the boys to the local one.

I remember as a child my mum used to take us regularly to the theatre (she used to work in one) and it was amazing.  yes I got some celebrity autographs but mainly the memories of just queueing, sitting, eating ice cream in the interval, it was just magical and I would LOVE my children to have the same experiences.

Unfortunately the 'big name' panto starts from £18 a ticket!!  That's just short of £80 for the 4 of us by the time you factor in interval ice cream.  Even the amateur one is around £15 a ticket (if you want a seat with a chance of seeing any of it).

Well that rules that experience out then.

Why oh why do theatres charge soo much for people to go and enjoy themselves?  At our local children save a huge £2.50 per ticket (maximum)... woooop.  Yet they are trying to encourage older people to go to the theatre by offering 16-25 years olds select tickets for £5!!!  Wouldn't it be a better idea to make the theatre affordable for children so they can learn to appreciate the arts?

Looking ahead from the panto ... what's coming up that I can take the boys to see?

The Boy who cried Wolf - "perfect for families and children aged 3+" ....£6 and £10 a ticket!!  for a 55 minute show!

Tom's Midnight Garden I am sure would be amazing  .......... £12 - £15 a ticket.

Peppa Pigs Big Splash .... my youngest son would give his right arm to go to this and he may just have to at £14 - £16 a ticket!!

There doesn't even appear to be any such thing as discounted stand-by tickets anymore.  Shows would rather play to empty seats then sell tickets off at £5 a couple of hours before hand like they used to when I was younger.

They asked to go to the Cbeebies tour show next year after their experiences this Christmas but when they are priced at £18.50 - £33.35 a ticket I think we'll be ruling that one out and hoping they forget about it.

Oh and don't forget to add on the £1.50 extra everywhere charges to buy the tickets online.

Anyone for a trip to the cinema ...............not that that's much cheaper!!

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