Sunday 29 December 2013

When is it ok to wear a onesie??

Like most people I got a onesie for Christmas .......... ok I got 2 and inherited my husbands one that was too small for him :)

I said I would never be in the onesie club but I caved, sometime around November and bought one and eeekk it is sooo comfy!!  so for me these were the BEST Christmas present.
My favourite one.... my eeyore one - complete with head and tail.

Of course I wear mine for Bed and did get changed into one pretty early on Christmas day as it was cold and my onesie was warm and comfy.  But it got me thinking .......... when is it OK to wear a onesie??

Ben wore his to a non-uniform onesie day at school - that's ok in my book it was a fun occasion and they wanted to wear them,  it was also ok for the teachers to wear them to join in the fun.

It was NOT acceptable for the 30ish year old woman to be wearing one in the middle of Tesco yesterday at 4pm!!!  She wasn't even trying to hide it with a coat. She wasn't doing anything for charity she simply couldn't be bothered to get dressed that morning. However when I went to Meadowhell a couple of nights before Christmas at 9pm (do not ask!!!) it was acceptable to me to see the young children in their onesies (whether they should have been there is a story for another time).

Is it acceptable to wear it on the school run?  Yes if you take the children in the car and are literally dashing to the gate and back.  NOT if you need to take a half hour walk to get there through the shopping centre.

Festivals and camping can be chilly, muddy places and yes, I would think it is generally considered ok to wear your onesie in these circumstances.

So before you leave the house think ..... would I be going to this place in my pyjamas?  If the answer is no then you should probably get changed....... or at least put a coat on to make it less obvious.

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