Wednesday, 11 December 2013

the post with no name

Been a bit on a blogging drought since moving.  I have posts I have started, things I really want to blog about but just can't find the motivation or the words.

I want to let you know everything that went pear shaped while moving house and how blundells are still making everything a big deal and twice as complicated as it needs to be..... but everytime I sit down to blog about it I get really annoyed and have to stop myself getting really angry... then I lose enthusiasm to write it.

I want to keep you posted with the Elflings activities, heck I want to have the motivation to let the elflings cause mischief every night.  I want the energy to carry out the Elflings challenges every day with the boys.... but my spirit seems to have vanished.

I want to be able to start my diet again, I am eating far too much rubbish at the moment (she says reaching for another pringle) but I just can't be bothered and Winter does not motivate me to eat salads.  I haven't even looked at the scales in almost 2 months as I'm scared what I may be met with.

I want to live in a house where I do not have to live out a box because I have no-where to put it.... I'd like to be able to find my razor before I turn into a forest.

I want to not be in a few thousand £'s of debt with a husband who thinks money grows on trees, and is tonight rubbing my face in it by enjoying his work night out..... I couldn't go on mine because he was working until 8 (so wouldn't get in till 9pm).

***does anyone else think Pringles have got thinner and crumblier?***

I want some HELP when I ask for it..... if I ask my husband to ring the Council Tax people up to tell them we've moved (because I forgot when I did ALL the others) I would like him to actually do it and not leave it for me to do.   I have a huge stack of 'change of addresses' to sort out, paperwork to file, final bills to send to previous letting agency so we can get our deposit back but it's soo hard to do it with the boys around and I refuse to spend my evenings doing it while my husband is relaxing or out spending money/ enjoying himself.   Right that's my mission for Friday - I will be organised before Christmas so I can start the new year on a positive note.

I want some support!!  I have basically been told by my husband that I spend all my time blogging or on twitter or facebook.  Which is true.... as I've said before I have NO 'real' friends.  That is no-one I can rely on to take me shopping when I'm feeling low, who I can call on a Tuesday night and just go off to the pub, who I know will go and see the new comedy at the cinema one night.  My friends are all virtual.  My bestie lives 180 miles away and I see her once a year, I need facebook to keep in touch.  I use facebook to share pictures with my parents (who live 200 miles away), who see their grandkids once every 3 months (if they are lucky).
I use my blog/ twitter to express myself.  To keep a record of my life, to meet new people who do not know me personally.  To say stuff I just can't say on facebook but need to get out of my system before I scream.

**must stop eating these pringles**

I'm not one of those people who can watch TV and not be doing SOMETHING with my hands, and yes currently that is blogging/ facebook/ twitter.  I guess I should get back into my cross-stitch then on the rare occasions me and hubby do sit down to watch TV together I can do that and not blog/ facebook/ tweet and annoy him soo much.  But ........... yup you guessed it ........ the love has gone.    I have my Halloween one out to finish tonight but just can't bring myself to pick it up.

I'm soo tired, I'm sure it's stress related but last night I was asleep by 9pm!  Tonight I am fighting to stay awake because sleeping seems like such a waste of an evening (if that makes sense).  I'm also realllly missing my pole workout every night.  It's been down since early November because of packing and I'm still waiting for hubby to put it back up.  Pretty worried as the only place it'll really go in the new house is the attic (playroom) which means I've got to drum it into the kids they can't climb it when we're not around (Ben can reach the ceiling- jealous much!!)

***putting the lid BACK on the Pringles now!!!***

Sorry for the huge rant, I really needed to get that out my system.  I'm going to pick up my cross-stitch now and try and do that for half an hour and see if my passion comes back.
 ....... oh and try to work out just what I want to ask my husband for for Christmas when I don't even know myself.
   .......... oh and have an argument with someone locally who sold me a child's bed with missing bits and A MONTH LATER is still messing me about.  They have now said they will get the missing bits on Monday (a week after he said he would) and bring them over about 9.30pm!! Is he having a laugh!!!!


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