Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cross Stitch Crazy Review, March 2014 issue 187

Please note that I get this magazine on a UK subscription so free gifts/ charts may differ from those in the shop/ overseas subscribers.

Free Gifts

Teapot chart (sorry no pic as I forgot to take one).

This is a smallish chart (44 stitches wide x 44 high) of a blue teapot with flowers.  It's certainly different.... not my cup of tea (if you'll excuse the pun) but I can see its wider appeal.


I loved this notebook and immediately got my (sadly lacking) stitching bug back by turning it into my Blogging notebook.  There are designs further through the magazine tho if you'd rather use a ready made pattern.

Inside the Magazine

Happy Days
A Forever Friends design.

I'm not a huge Forever Friends fan but this one is soo simplistic and I really like it.

Cross Stitch Quickie

A new series of Cross Stitch Quickie featuring cats.  Now I am a big fan of cartoon cats but these, nope they just don't look quite 'right', am sure others will love them tho.

Humphrey Bogart

A rarity but the stitched pattern does appear to resemble the person in the photo.  I'm not a fan of CelebStitch tho so not one to add to my to-do list.

50 Sweet Treat Gift Ideas
cakes and other yummy treats

I love these little sweet designs perfect for gift tags, birthday cards or as I've done putting on the front of your notebook. .... trouble is it's making me hungry.

Perfect Pattern
a bold design

a really nice bold pattern designed to make into a tote bag or purse.  It would look just as good on its own.  I like it.

Craft Xtra - subscribers only
St. Patrick's Day

2 very simple designs for St. Patrick's Day cards, I like.


Crazy for....

Great if you like monkeys, sadly not for me.

Brilliant Bugs!

With 2 small boys that I call my 'bugs' I love these.  It's a shame the bugs don't fit the letters (e.g. B is a ladybird, M is an ant) but a nice size to make into cards or for name plates.

Nature Study
4 season trees

These 4 trees would look lovely stitched for a child's nursery - individually or on 1 large piece of Aida.   I'm not sure I'd stitch them for my walls tho.  

Feeling Fruity
4 fruits

4 double sided fruity designs for making pincushions with.  I love these and I love the idea of turning them into pin cushions.  Alternatively I would stitch them and turn into fridge magnets

Sweet Dreams
The Princess and The Pea

Another design for a little girls room depicting the Princess from the fairytale atop a huge pile of mattresses.

Crafty Makes
Door Hangers

2 very cute door hangers..

Finders Keepers

keepsake box ideas

7 ideas for pictures to stitch and put on top of a wooden keepsake box.  The ideas are nice and simple, quick stitches.  I'd not use them for the reason given but I may go back to them for future projects.

Challenge Lucie
Thailand, Flying high, Meerkats, wedding anniversary, Papillon dog, pink bug

Another random selection of charts.  The plane one will be useful for a card but otherwise nothing I'd use.  Am sure others could tho.

Special Mentions

Goldleaf Needlework - Little Minx
A cute witch

These designs jumped out at me from the Stitch and Chat pages, I love them.
Why not take a look at their range: they have sooo much more then Little Minx.

Next Issue

a selection of bookmarks, keyrings etc for bookworms - I can't wait to see these ones.


  1. Sweet Dreams
    The Princess and The Pea
    can you send me please?

    1. Hi.

      Have also emailed you as you don't always get blogger notifications.

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Due to copyright I cannot copy the chart you are after, however if you are in the UK I no longer need this magazine and can post it to you for £3 (£1.50 mag, £1.50 postage). so long as you can pay with paypal.

      Let me know if you are interested.