Monday, 20 January 2014

Silver Foil Rocket

One of Ben's books this week from school was "Silver Foil Rocket".  In it Biff, Kipper, Chip and co. build a large rocket out of oil drums and silver foil for the carnival.  This gave me a fantastic idea for a Make..... a silver Foil Rocket.

We saved the toilet rolls this week (I MUST make that junk box I keep meaning to) and had some lids left over from when I used the silver foil trays for Rocky Road.    Here's how we did it....

What you will need:

Some silver card
a toilet roll
a piece of orange paper
silver foil

double sided sticky tape

How to do it:

1) Wrap the toilet roll in silver foil.  Tuck it in the top and bottom to keep it secure.

2) Cut 2 triangles out of the silver card.  Stick to the sides of the toilet roll and bend to make wings.

3) Cut a small circle out of silver card, put a cut in it and wind it into a cone shape.  Slot this inside the top of the toilet roll.

4) cut strips of orange paper and stick to the inside of the toilet roll with double sided sticky tape.

You'll see a spare triangle in the picture.  Noah put his on the bottom of the rocket but Ben chose not too.

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