Friday, 24 January 2014

Flashback Friday - Knightmare


Welcome, Watchers of Illusion .....
...... to the Castle of Confusion

Whether you watched it way back on ITV in 1987 or as recently as last weekend on Challenge TV Knightmare will never get boring.

I grew up with it, and now that it's being re-shown my boys get to grow up with it.

Knightmare was a fantasy adventure game show created and produced by Tim Child. More recently a capmaign to bring it back has led to a one off new show created for YouTube's "Geek Week" and a live show.

The show was based in a dungeon and its surrounding grounds. Through the use of blue screen ('Cromakey') techniques it was possible to generate rooms and scenes with different backgrounds and graphics. The dungeoneer was blinded by the 'helmet of justice' so they cannot see reality. In order to travel through the game they are guided by 3 advisors to complete a 'quest' to retrieve an object such as the 'cup' or 'sheild'. Occasionally the quest had to change, for example in the last episode of a series.

 The team were guided by 'Treguard' and his various assistants (depending on episodes). whist they did prompt and hint they never gave the actual answers.
Treguard &  Pickle 
Treguard & Majida

The dungeon had 3 levels to work though solving problems, riddles and puzzles.

Throughout the game the teams encountered clue rooms with objects, which could be of great use later on. Clues could also consist of scrolls which often provided a hint regarding the remaining items on the table or a spy glass to check up on the 'opposition'.


The dungeoneer's energy status (the 'Life Force') had to be constantly restored by picking up food found in

Want to find out more, or keep up to date ..... check out by far THE best fan site for the show there is.

Warning team, complete temporal disruption approaching!

Time is now the enemy.

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