Sunday, 31 August 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 1: Front Porch / List Week

Well Christmas is well on it's way and Week One on Organized Christmas is List Week.  Yup you guessed it, this week is all about making lists, lists and lists to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Check out the printable lists on the above site (I won't be reinventing the wheel), however I will be sharing my progress and would love you to keep me on track and share your progress along with me.

I just need to find me a nice Christmas note book to keep my lists in :)

As I don't have a front porch (which is the suggested focus for the week) I will be concentrating on my front room which is a disorganised mess - mainly as it is currently the storage point for all the lego.

Cleaning/Organising Area:
Front Room and the Front Room cleaning checklist  (once mine is written I will upload to google docs or similar for you).

Christmas Preperations
Print the Holiday Grand Plan calendars for reference.
Make the following lists:
Gifts to be given, amount to spend (include family, friends, etc)  Master lists here and here  I've started and listed everything bought so far (including any savings).  I'd love to list them here but you never know who may stumble across the blog.  I'll let you know after Christmas.... tho there will be a hint in a review later on this month. ;)
Christmas card list - Decide how many cards are needed, which are we making, buying in bulk, ordering?  Master List here
Visits to make - we really don't make any so for me I can cross this straight off.
Parties/Entertaining - we really don't entertain (or go to parties), yay another I can cross this straight off.
Menus for Christmas, New Years, etc
Long-term shopping list/ perishables / decorations/ Goodies - buying in a few every week saves a big splurge just before Christmas.
Favorite Meals of Family members for freezing ahead - our freezer isn't really big enough, it will be 'business as usual in our house.
Create a Christmas planner notebook to organize all this holiday planning into.  I found a lovely 'me' notebook set in Store21 and they were reduced to £1.50.  BARGAIN.

If you want to get ahead of the game there are more printables here.

Updated 6.9.14

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