Monday, 25 August 2014

OXO with bread in it and Lucozade..... what could be better

Thought I'd have a little change from camping posts and reviews (wahooo I hear you cry), that and the fact my head is too fuzzy to think.

Everytime I feel under the weather my tried and tested cure is OXO with bread and Lucozade.

It's soo warming and you literally make it exactly the same as gravy (ok it is gravy)... 2 OXO's, a dash of mint sauce (optional) and some slices of bread.  Dip in and eat.  It's simple comfort food and quick to make when you don't want to be stood up for too long.

As for lucozade I am sure everyone will agree it tastes better when you are sick.  Don't drink tooo much tho or you'll not want to sleep at night.

Night all.

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