Saturday, 2 August 2014

"There's 2 Kippers mummy!"

I took the boys to Meadowhall today as I found out Kipper the dog would be at Waterstones.  This was greeted with lots of "yays" from the boys who dislike the Meadowhall crowds as much as me and can normally only be got through the doors with bribery of going to the Lego shop.

They ran to him and said "hi", some hi-fives and a picture opportunity and went away happy...........

....................  that was until a couple of hours later when 5-year old Ben said to me "there's 2 Kipppers mummy"............."is there?" I asked, very confused.

Apparently he thought they were going to see a big red dog, you should have seen his face when I explained that one was called Clifford.

Poor kids.

Kipper will be visiting Waterstones from 4th - 7th August too so if you have some mini fans why not take them to see him.

For anyone else who lives locally there are some other 'celebrities' due to visit Meadowhall over the next month ...... apparently we will be going to see Postman Pat and Elsa and Anna (along with half of Sheffield probably!).

14th August - Angelina Ballerina's greatest dancer.  Angelina and Alice will be showing off their dance moves.
15th August - Fifis rock with the tots.   Fifi and Bumble will be having an interactive mini show.
17th August - Enchanted sisters princess party.  Elsa and Anna will be popping in to say hello and have photos taken.
22nd August - Peppa Pig story time.  A story session with visits from both George and Peppa.
25th August - Postman Pat bakes a cake.  Help Postman Pat and Ben Taylor bake a cake.

They will be at various locations so check the website to avoid disappointment.

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