Saturday, 10 January 2015

my husband just committed the ultimate sin

Picture the scenario..............

The wind is howling.......... the rain is literally bashing against the windows...... it's 6.45am ....... and
the kids are already awake.

After trying to ignore them and go back to bed (like any good mum) I gave up and eventually got up.

I went downstairs and made myself a cup of tea.

A few minutes later his alarm goes off he gets up, makes a coffee.

We're sat in the front room - me minding the kids - him deep in Lego Batman 3.  He drinks his coffee.  I consider moving to get my tea...........when I hear those words, those immortal divorce inducing words..........

"oops I've just drunk your tea"

How can you not realise that you have a) already drunk your coffee therefore the other cup isn't yours and b) that it is TEA and not COFFEE.

Did he apologise??  did he move off his arse to rush to make me another?  NO he told me he would "make one in a bit".   Apparently my need for a hot drink in the morning is of very little importance in his life.

Had this been the pub and his mates pint I can guarntee his arse would have been at the bar faster then you could say "oops".

15 minutes later I gave up and made myself another and he went off to work.

This is not a good start to the morning.

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  1. Eessh! What a liberty! I would have gave him a good telling off x